Roebuck Mosel

06.-09.05. & 29.07.-01.08.2021


This approx. 3,000 hectare forest / field area is located north of Trier and not far from the border with Luxembourg. While the high plateau consists largely of agricultural areas, meadows or pastures, the slopes of the Moselle are equipped with mixed forests. The beech reforestations, the numerous thickets, but also the very high proportion of black- and raspberry areas offer an almost impenetrable wilderness Eldorado. This area is very demanding due to its steepness, the numerous gorges and small valleys and presents great challenges for the hunters.

The roe deer population is so good that you can expect to see roe deer every day as it is managed sustainably. The average trophy weights are between 250 and 350 grams, but there are also significantly stronger bucks. It is important to the hunters that hunting is done in accordance with the laws of hunting justice.

Look forward to a few exciting days of roebuck hunting and enjoy the beauty of this Moselle district. The places are limited, please do not hesitate too long with your registration.

Informations about European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus capreolus)

European roe deer is the most widespread and most common hoofed game in Europe. Depending on the region, weights of up to 30 kg can be achieved. It is a very territory-loyal forest and field inhabitant. In summer, the bucks mostly stand alone, the does stand together with fawns. In the winter time roe deer join together in small herds.

The bucks occupy their territories in March/April and defended them against competitors until the end of the rut in August. Roe deer is primarily active in the early morning and evening hours. The sense of smell is pronounced, the eyes are not the best but roe deer can notice faster motions.

Prices and fees


Roebuck weekend offer on the Moselle: 699, - €

• Organization of the 4-day hunt
• 6 outings
• Bringing to and collecting from the raised hide
• Hunting permit
• Basic pay
• Shooting of two roebucks up to 250 g (weighed with the upper jaw minus 90 grams),
   Button bucks and two young females

The hunt manager may offer further game species.

Not included in the hunting costs: • booking fee for hunters 50, - € • Non-hunting companions 100, - € • Boiling of the trophy per buck 30, - € with putting on board 50, - € • Travel and accommodation costs • Trophy fees


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
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