Siberian roebuck


Anyone who loves to hunt our European roe deer should at least once have hunted in Kurgan. The atmosphere in the endless expanse of this region, and of course the strong Siberian roebucks, offer a unique hunting opportunity for the passionate roebuck hunter. To tackle the massive bucks on the vast plains during a sunset is a moment you will not forget so quickly.



Information Siberian Roedeer (Capreolus pygargus pygargus)

The Siberian roe deer is a subspecies of the Asian roe deer and not, as is often thought, of European roe deer. However, the Siberian roe deer has a great similarity in appearance and behavior with the local roe deer. Overall, the "Siberian" is significantly stronger. Live weights of over 50 kg and shoulder heights of up to 90 cm these giants among the deer can reach. The trophy is also huge. Average trophies weigh between 800 g and 950 g, in exceptional cases also 1000 g and above. The horns have long tines with good perlage and "Siberian" tend to end more often than their European cousins.

In summer, the bucks move around alone and the females are together with the young. The rut takes place at the end of August until around the 10th of September.

Hunting / Season

We recommend to plan the hunt either in the rut or from the beginning of October. During the rut the bucks are much more active and thus easier to hunt. From October, all fields are harvested and the roe deer retreats into the winter spots, so there are the chances of success high.

Hunting is usually on the morning and evening stalk. Due to the great distances SUVs are often used to come even in remote areas of the district. But hunted is then on foot. Also the call finds in Russia more and more attention and a good call hunter is a welcome guest.

It is realistic to plan on bagging  two to three bucks during the stay. Licenses must be applied for in advance.


The basic equipment for this hunt differs little from the equipment needed for domestic deer hunting. Somewhat thicker clothes than you wear in this country in the summer for hunting. In addition a good binocular and well worn hunting boots. However, we recommend to use slightly stronger calibers. 6.5x68, 8x68 S or caliber from the .300er group have proven themselves. You should expect shooting distances of up to 200 m (sometimes even further) and accordingly use a variable target optics with corresponding magnification.


During your stay, you will stay in well furnished cabins near the hunting area. Sanitary facilities, a kitchen and common rooms are standard facilities. However, you should not expect comprehensive comfort like in a hotel. 

Prices and fees

Offer hunting for Siberian roebuck in Kurgan 1.600, - €


• 7 days of travel

• About 5 hunting days

• Reception at Jekatarinburg Airport

• Transfer to and in the hunting area

• Accommodation and meals (excluding drinks)

• Guidance and hunting organization

• Interpreting services

• Trophy preparation


Not included in the offer:

• Trophy fees according to price list (see brochure)

• Flights to Jekatarinburg

• Maybe hotel stay before and after the hunt

• Booking fee 195, - €

• Visa 200, - €

• Formalities package (hunting license, state taxes etc.) 200, - €

• drinks, personal expenses

• Tips and trophy transport


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.