07. November 2020



The hunting area of over 550 hectares has been a family forestry business since 1999. It´s located about 18 km south of Dresden on the federal road B 270. The terrain has a slight low mountain character with altitudes between 380 m and 470 m above sea level.


95% of the area is forest, the rest of the field and meadow. 70% of the forest area is coniferous (spruce, larch, pine with Douglas fir reforestation), the remaining part is hardwood in different age groups. The entire area is surrounded by field corridors. Although the wolf occurs in northeastern Saxony, there is still no wolf evidence for this area (Elbe and highways act as a border). The network of trails is well developed and is maintained with great effort.

Fallow deer, wild boars and roe deer are found in the area. Mouflon are passing by. An ideal driven hunting area with good routes



Huntable game species

Fallow deer, wild boars and roe deer



Friday November 6th 2020
Arrival, meeting at 7:00 p.m., welcoming guests to the Rittergut Hirschbach (hunting suit)

Saturday November 7th, 2020
Meet at 8:00 a.m., 2 drives, in between lunch soup, tableau around 5:00 p.m., individual departure

Price and fees

offer one day driven hunt Hirschbach: 499,- €


Included in the price:

• Organization of the driven hunt

• dogs, dog handlers and beaters

• Lunch (soup) and non-alcoholic drinks

• Tentative game species open for this hunt: female red deer, Tuskers, piglets, "Überläufer" and non leading sows, one year old fallow stags, female fallow deer, female roe deer, foxes, raccoon dogs and racoons 


Not included:


• additional trophy fees according to our pricelist

• travel insurance

• hotel nights

• personal expenses and tips


Programs and prices are subject to change. K&K Premium Jagd GmbH terms and conditions of business apply (available in full on request).