Fallow deer in Romania

Shortly behind the Hungarian border around the city of Socodor you hunt in a varied field/forest area, which seems to be made especially for fallow deer. The game population has tripled in recent years and large packs with up to 1,000 fallow deer are not uncommon.
The exciting hunt for the stag is a special and unforgettable experience for every hunter in this special area. There is a rut throughout the day. Strong deer reach trophy weights up to 4.0 kg and the average trophy size is between 3.0-3.5 kg. Enjoy the hunt for fallow stags in one of the most varied hunting countries in Europe.

Informations Fallow deer (Dama dama)


The root form of fallow deer, the Mesopotamian fallow deer (Dama dama mesopotamica), comes from Iran. In Europe (Dama dama dama) it was originally native to Greece, but was brought to other European countries very early on by the Romans.


Fallow deer is a medium-sized species of the real deer. With live weights up to 120 kg it can reach shoulder heights up to 110 cm.

Old stags are usually loners, otherwise the fallow deer live in packs separated by sex. This diurnal game is not particularly loyal to the location and rather insensitive to disturbances. During the rut, the deer migrate to the rutting grounds. The strongest stags fight for thier spots and wait for the deer.

Fallow deer are more keen eyesighted than most other species of hoofed deer, but hear less well.

The summer cape is red-brown with white spots and black eel streak, the winter blanket is darker and without spots. There are also a few white and black pieces.


Hunting and season


The fallow deer rut in Romania begins in mid-October, and this is also the best time for this hunt, on top of that, a remarkable natural spectacle. 


Hunting takes place in a combination of hide and stalk, it always depends on the conditions in the area and of course also on your preferences and your fitness. Under the guidance of an experienced game guide, you will follow the rutting events and this will help you to select and address the right deer.



No special demands are made on the equipment for this hunt. The clothes should be adapted to the season, it is best to carry a set of slightly warmer and a set of lighter clothes. As in Germany, there can still be warm days at this time, but it can also get quite cool. In addition, you should of course take good binoculars with 8x or higher magnification to be able to address the deer well. With the calibres, you can use all common from 7 mm.


Accommodation is in small country hotels that reach a 3 star standard. A varied and tasty cuisine awaits you in this very hospitable country, where you will soon feel part of the team and not just a paying guest.

Prices and fees

Offer fallow stag hunt in Romania

Area Socodor     695,- €/per hunter


• 4 traveling days

• 3 overnight stays in double bed room

• 2 full hunting days

• Romanian hunting license

• hunting permit

• Guidance 1:1 and organization

• full board service without drinks

• translator

• pre-taxidermy

• all transports in the area


Not included:

• trophy fees

• international flights

• booking fees   195,- €

• Tips and personal expenses


Subject to price and program changes. The general terms and conditions of K&K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.