Bezoar Turkey


The Bezoar is certainly one of the most interesting species for the passionate mountain hunter. Huge trophies and the beautiful silver-brown skin make this wild goat something special. Turkey offers by far the best opportunities for this hunt. Due to our excellent local partner, we have access to the top areas of the Taurus. Great enthusiasm and high professionalism characterize him, you will find no better outfitter in Turkey.


Informations about Bezoar (Capra aegagrus)

The Bezoar belongs to the goat species and is also the root of all domestic goats. Main distribution areas are Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Caucasus and some southern CIS states. However, huntable populations can only be found in Turkey and Iran.

The Bezoar bucks can reach shoulder heights up to 60 cm with weights up to 80 kg (females clearly smaller). It lives in rocky regions above the tree line up to about 3,500 m.

Older bucks over 7-8 years are usually loners, otherwise Bezoars live sociably in small herds. They are diurnal and can therefore be hunted in good lighting conditions.

Significant are the enormous horns of the bucks which are among the longest trophies of all Ibex species. Particularly noteworthy is also the silver-brown skin. 

Hunting season/hunting method

Hunting is exclusively on the stalk. Under the guidance of an experienced hunting guide, the promising slopes will be observed from exposed places. When shootable Bezoar come into sight, the cautious stalking begins. Almost the whole year round the Bezoar movements are pursued by local hunters. So our partner always knows in which hunting area the chances are best.

Generally the best hunting periods are November, December, January and March. As we have several excellent hunting areas, please refer to the detailed brochure for the optimal hunting season for each area (PDF –download at the bottom of the page).


As with other mountain hunts, you should take a high magnification binocular and rifle scope with you. A spotting scope can be very helpful as well. When choosing the caliber, you should note that the shooting distances are usually between 200 m and 250 m. Since you're shooting from a resting position, that's quite hunting-ethical. However, we recommend training these distances on the shooting range before. Optimal are powerful calibers like 6. 5x68, 8x68 S or all calibers  from the. 300 group (Winchester, Weatherby, Pegasus). The clothing should be suitable for mountain hunting, i. e. well-worn, ankle-stabilizing footwear, functional underwear, and not too heavy but warm clothing.


During your stay you will live in a cottage near the hunting ground. These cottages are well equipped and have excellent service. Hospitality is very important in Turkey and the cuisine also enjoys a very good reputation. 

Prices and Fees

Offer Bezoar hunt in Turkey        9.900,- €



• Bezoar up to 109.9 cm (surcharges for stronger bezoar)

• Approximately 9 days of travel

• 7 full hunting days

• Accommodation and catering

• Turkish hunting licens

• All transfers

• Pick up at Adana Airport

• Guided tour 1:1 and hunting organization

• Trophy pre-preparation

• Personal assistant during the hunting stay


Not included:

• Surcharges for Bezoar above 109,9 cm 

• Own arrival and departure

• Booking fee 195,- €

• Weapon import permit

• Tips and personal expenses


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.