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When K&K Premium Jagd was founded in 2005, the origin of our understanding of hunting lay in the German hunting tradition and the main focus of the areas offered was on our home country Germany. It was the philosophy of our company to only offer areas and hunts checked by our own employees, and on the other hand a very customer-oriented care of our guests, which certainly sets standards in our industry. Most of the hunting events we offer in Germany and other European countries are accompanied and supervised by K&K employees. Through this personal service, we have gained many hundreds of regular customers over the years, and new customers are added every year. Hunting in a strong community with like-minded hunters is an essential synonym of K&K Premium hunting. Our customers also enjoy a very good reputation with our contractual partners.



But our customers' curiosity about how hunting is practiced in other countries and continents has made us one of the leading hunting tour operators over the past 15 years. Our German and traditional roots, but also our passion and ethical attitude towards game, were and are the basis for the selection of the local contractual partners in the various hunting countries. Through the sustainable and responsible use of the naturally renewable resource game, the resulting environmental and species protection and the complete utilization of the game killed, important criteria are met in order to strengthen the acceptance of our actions in today's society and future generations.

In Germany we only hunt in selected federal, state and private forests. Well-known names include the Princely Hohenlohe Forest Castle Langenburg, the Constantia Forest/Büdingen, the Counts Ortenburg'sche districts in Tambach, the Fürstenberg Forest Administration Herdringen, the Flechtinger Höhen, the Blumberg forest estate, federal forests such as Letzlinger Heide , numerous districts of the state forests. Do you love the autumnal and winter driven hunts for boars or do you prefer to hunt rutting red stags, sika, fallow or chamois? We always have the right areas for you.

But not only nationally, but also internationally we are well positioned. In each country we only work with experienced outfitters and organizers that we know personally and in whose hunting areas we have already hunted. You can therefore rest assured that the 'premium' in our company name will also come into play when we arrange hunts. Whether you want to hunt red deer in Scotland, quail in Serbia, pheasants in Italy or Hungary, red partridges in Spain or Mallorca, ducks in Sweden or in the Romanian Danube Delta, whether you are tempted by the capital Hungarian roebuck, roebuck and red deer hunting in Transylvania, the Carpathians, Poland, Bulgaria or Slovakia we always have something suitable for you. In recent years we have developed into a mountain hunting specialist in the Alps and can offer excellent ibex, chamois and red deer hunts including the romance of a hut.
Mountain hunting enthusiasts join us for mountain goat and elk hunting in British Columbia, Dall sheep, elk and brown bear in Alaska, as part of a mountain hunt for ibex and maral in Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan, and bezoar in Turkey. Our hunts designed for sustainability in eastern Namibia and the Eastern Cape in South Africa deserve special mention. We are particularly proud of the social projects in South Africa. From the income generated from hunting licenses and game sales, the local communities will be financially supported in setting up schools and kindergartens.
We have significantly expanded our offerings in Africa. In Namibia our focus is on big game hunting in the Caprivi Strip, plains game hunting in Damaraland and leopard hunting on the Botswana border. All partners are committed to nature conservation and sustainable hunting in the wild. "Conservation through Utilization" is the maxim. In addition to Namibia, we also offer sustainable hunts for endemic game species in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique and Cameroon.
We should particularly mention our involvement in South Africa. There we are in the best possible position, from hunting for capital buffalo in the Limpopo Province, to hunting in the Free State Province on plains game in reserves, to multi-day driven hunts on communal areas on the Limpopo. Our offers offer you the greatest possible and varied selection of hunts on the "Dark Continent". Take a look at our current offers or contact our Africa experts!

And if you would like to find out the most important information about hunting and nature on a daily basis, then visit our online news platform www.natuerlich-jagd.de On this you will find all the important news quickly, competently and informatively.
And last but not least, check out our K&K Premium Jagd YouTube channel regularly. There you will be presented with numerous films.
Just give us a call or send us an email. We will answer you immediately and look forward to being able to advise you on the planning and implementation of your hunting trip.




The Team: 

Kai-Uwe Kühl

Born in 1962, completion of German Hunting license 1980. Owner and director of K & K Premium Hunting GmbH. He grew up in the Harz region of Germany. From his youngest childhood he was raised as a hunter in and around the Forestry Service Office at Sieber. His hunting interests are primarily focused on red deer and mountain hunting in Alpine regions. His favorite international hunting destinations are Belarus, where he accompanies hunts for several weeks each year, and also Turkey, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Alaska, Hungary and Romania.
The former Kettner director founded K & K Premium Hunting GmbH in 2006, which has steadily grown into one of the leading hunting agencies in Germany.

Telephon: +49 231 390 84 501

Email: kuk@premiumjagd.de

Willy Küppers

Born in 1970. Hunting license since 1986. More than 20 years experience in the hunting business, including several hunting trips in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Grown up in his fathers hunting area at the german/dutch border he has a special interest in hunts for roebucks, wildboars and birdhunts.

Telephon: +49 231 390 84 503

Email: wk@premiumjagd.de