Driven Hunt

Germany is famous for its perfectly organized driven hunts, great hunting tradition, and extremely high quantity of game.

K&K Premium Hunting offers you many opportunities to hunt in federal, state and private forests. Every hunt has been tested and certified by our experienced team. If you are looking for a specific game animal, or would like to participate in a hunt, whether alone or in an existing group, there are countless possibilities. You can hunt red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar and roe deer. From exciting red deer hunts in military training areas to driven wild boar hunts in wintry forests, we have something for every hunter.

Each year, we organize nearly forty driven hunts in Germany alone, to go along with our many hunts in foreign countries such as Hungary or Romania.


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Driven Hunt

Kalahari Special


Driven hunt in South Africa
Letzlinger Heide

 14. and 15. October 2022

Reinhardshagen Oct, HES

several dates

Baron Fürstenberg

 26. October 2022

Wehretal, HES

Several dates

Wehretal-Blankenbach, HES


Forest Estate Blumberg


Forest Estate Blumberg

25.&26. November 2022

Baron Fürstenberg

09. December 2022