Deep in the south of Corsica is the Domain de Chasse de l`Ortolo, also known as the Domaine de Murtoli. This 2,500 hectare private territory of the Cantonelli family is rightly considered one of the most beautiful private properties in the Mediterranean. For years the Cantonelli family has developed their property and restored with love and taste over 20 accommodations, mostly detached villas and Corsican holiday homes. In the center of the property is a 12-hole golf course and guests have direct access to the Mediterranean coast. Of course, hunters are primarily interested in the hunting opportunities on the Domaine de Chasse de l` Ortolo, but the additional leisure activities are so versatile that golfers, mountain hikers, riders and anglers get their money's worth and have a vacation for families or groups. Hunting and golf can be perfectly combined.


Driven hunt


The hunt on Corsica has many variations. Starting from wild boar hunting, the Domaine de chasse de l Órtoli offers hunters numerous hunting opportunities for big game and small game. The biotope of the 2,500 ha private property is ideal for wild boar. There is enough cover in the thorn bushes, plenty of food thanks to the oak trees and, above all, rest. The wild boar can be hunted as a single hunt, as it often moves to the Ortolo Valley in the evening to stay in the floodplains of the river and on the beach searching food.


The wild boar driven hunt is performed the traditional way. The hunters are positioned on strategic viewpoints, mostly on rocks while the beaters and dogs trying to get the game moving. The wild boars on Corsica are not particularly strong on body mass and it takes a certain amount of experience to successfully use the chances on the driven hunt. Addressing and firing often takes place almost simultaneously. In this hunt, the experience and joy of this original hunt and the camaraderie count more. In the evening, the tableau is laid with the dog handlers and beaters and the hunting day ends with a glass of red wine and Corsican dishes by the campfire. The hunting season for boars goes from October 1st to December 31st.


Small Game hunting



The traditional pheasant and partridge hunting, consisting of groups of 6-12 hunters, are classic drives. Some of these take place with the pointer in front of the shotgun. Pheasants and red partridges come from almost everywhere and prefer the conditions near the river bank, the shore area to the Mediterranean and thick bush. Rabbit hunts traditionally take place between October and January with the pointer.


The snipe and woodcock hunt is also carried out between November and February with the pointer. Duck hunting along the banks of the river has a special charm, although it is often hunted from the boat. The numerous pigeon species are hunted between October and February. The hunter often stands in sheltered cover between the rocks or hunts in the oak forests. Certainly unusual for us Germans, but the specialty in Corsica is the hunt for crammets, which are consumed in the evening as a delicacy. These are hunted on the classic walk up.


Prices and fees


Daily rates
• 1 day wild boar driven hunt (Minimum 8 hunters) 800.- € (per hunter) 
• 1 day small game walk up (with Pointers (Minimum 4 hunters) 800.- € (per hunter)
• 1 day wild boar hunt, stalk or high seat 400.- € (per hunter) 
• 1 day duck hunt (Minimum 4 hunters) 450.- € (per hunter)
• Driven hunt on small game (6 to 12 hunters), per day including 200 birds 11.800.- € (for the group) 
• Driven hunt on small game (6 to 12 hunters), per day including 300 birds 16.840.- € (for the group) 
• Driven hunt on small game (6 to 12 hunters), per day including 400 birds 21.680.- € (for the group) 
• Driven hunt on small game (6 to 12 hunters), per day including 500 birds 26.300.- € (for the group) 
• all hunts are individually planned for the group


not included:

• additional trophy fees according to our pricelist 
• meals and drinks
• travel insurance
• booking fee € 195.-
• Personal expenses


Subject to price and program changes. The general terms and conditions of K&K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.