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Hungary is one of the most popular and well-known hunting countries of Eastern Europe and is known above all for its very old hunting tradition, which is very similar to Germany. The fertile Danube meadows, the vast and dry Puszta, the beautiful low mountain ranges such as the Bakony forest and the Bükk mountains and of course the huge Lake Balaton characterize Hungary's magnificent landscape. Also the game is here of special quality. Huge red and fallow deer stags, strong mouflon rams, roebucks with huge antlers and massive boar can still be hunted here with very good chances. The driven hunts in this country internationally stand for top quality organization and exceptional tab. Let yourself be inspired by the excellent hunts in this magnificent country.



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With a total area of ??93,036 km², Hungary has about 9.9 million inhabitants. The country is bordered to the north by Slovakia, to the northeast by the Ukraine, to the east by Romania, to the south by Serbia and Croatia and to the west by Slovenia and Austria. The most important city is Budapest in the north of the country.


About 98% of the country is under 400 m altuitude. The Danube separates Hungary into the small and the large Hungarian lowlands. The small lowland is located in the northwest of the country and is mainly formed by the basin of the Györ. Slightly undulating terrain with small hills characterize the landscape and on the local fertile soils intensive agriculture is operated.

The Great Hungarian Plain in the east covers about half of the entire national territory. By draining and forest clearing developed here the typical Pusztalandschaft with the sandy soils. The terrain is very flat and is mainly used for grazing.

The low mountain ranges run from the Zemplén mountains in the northeast to the Bakony forest in the west. Almost all low mountain ranges in Hungary carry dense deciduous forest at higher altitudes. The slopes and basins are covered with fertile soils that allow field, fruit and vine growing.




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