Exclusive pheasant shooting



Informations about pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

The pheasant belongs to the gallinaceans. The cocks, wear a colorful plumage and very long tail feathers. The hens have a brownish and unobtrusive coloring. Natural distribution area are the countries between the Black Sea, the drylands of Central Asia to the East of Asia.

In many countries of Europe, the USA and many other parts of the world the pheasant has been released especially for hunting purposes. Its natural habitat are sparse forests with undergrowth, semi-open landscapes or wetlands, which give the pheasant much coverage. The change between cover and open areas used for foraging is part of a stable population.

Main food are seeds, berries, but also insects and other small animals. The cock has a body-length of 70-90 cm, whereby the long tail constitutes approximately half of the length. Hens are about 10-30 cm smaller and reach a body weight of up to 1.4 kg. Cocks can weigh up to 1.5 kg. However, only the cock on its legs carries a long spur, which indicates the age depending on its length.

Hunting season/hunting method

Driven pheasants may be hunted in Italy from 21st September to 31st January.

4 driven shootings take place per hunting day. After an extensive breakfast you start the hunt for driven pheasants. The shooters are positioned in deep gorges or in front of an old tree population, over which the pheasants fly with highspeed and demand shooting skills from the shooters.

In the morning two drives are performed. After a feudal lunch in the middle of the hunting ground, where Italian delicacies and specialities are served, the two afternoon drives will start. Perfect organisation, years of experience and a very good game bag make this hunting day unforgettable.


In September, October and November there are often still pleasant temperatures and you can hunt in a sweater. From mid-November the weather is often very changeable and you should pack a rain jacket or a slightly thicker jacket.

Ammunition and weapons can be hired on the estate if you don´t want to travel with heavy luggage. In general, of course, we recommend shotguns that fit you perfectly and with which you are familiar.


In Italy we hunt in two areas, who are not far from each other: La Centurina and Rocca di Giorgi. Both hunting districts have accommodations, which reflect the long hunting tradition..

La Centurina has two hunting lodges. In the district Rocca di Giorgi you will be accommodated in the 17th century hunting lodge "Conte Vistarino". You will stay in highly exclusive accommodations and you will not want for anything.

The typical Italian cuisine offers you a great pleasure of culinary delicacies. The kitchen is very happy to cater for guests' personal preferences.

Prices and fees

Offer driven pheasants in Italy:     26.400 € for a group



• 1 hunting day

• Loaders

• Organisation driven shooting

• Breakfast and lunch

• Weapon import permit

• 4 drives per day

• Dogs, beaters, drivers

• Treiber

• 400 pheasants for the whole group (8 to 10 shooters)


Not included:

• every extra pheasant 39,- €

• Flight, accomodation

• Hunting license and insurance 280,- € per hunter

• Gun rental (per pair) 200,- €

• Booking fee 195,- € per hunter

• Ammunition (25 shots 14,- €)

• Tips (about 120,- € per hunter)

• Transfer airport/hunting area and back


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.