Dagestan Tur Azerbaidjan


Having hunted once in a lifetime on a Daghestan Tur in the "Caucasus" is something that so far only a few hunters can claim. The hunt in the Caucasus is certainly one of the most scenic, but also one of the most physically demanding hunts one can undertake at present.

Information Daghestan Tur (Capra Cylindricornis)

The East Caucasian Tur (Capra cylindricornis) also called Daghestan Tur is the undisputed king of the Caucasus mountain range. Perfectly adapted to life in high mountains areas, male Tur with a shoulder height of 79-98 cm reach a live weight up to 100 kg. The Daghestan Tur is slightly smaller and darker colored than its relative the Western Caucasian Tur or also Kuban Tur (Capra caucasica) called. The coat of the Daghestan Tur is whitish in the summer on the underside, on the tail and on the chest, while the lower darker legs are uniformly reddish-brown. The beard is dark and up to 8 cm long. The horns are quite unusual for a goat, turning crescent-shaped up and out. They are smooth and round in cross-section. The average trophy strength is between 80 and 90 cm. From 90 cm we speak of a very huge trophies, only exceptional Turs reach horn lengths of over 100 cm. The Daghestan Tur occurs in Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The best trophies will be taken in Azerbaijan.

Hunting / Season

The hunt in Azerbaijan on Daghestan Tur is certainly one of the most physically demanding hunts a hunter can undertake. Therefore, a very good physical preparation and proper equipment are essential.

It is a high mountain hunt and the success stands and falls with the physical condition of the hunter. We recommend a thorough preparation consisting of strength and conditioning training, as it is only hunted on foot. The hunt takes place at a height of about 3000 to 3500 meters.

During the best hunting season in June - August temperatures of + 20 degrees prevail during the day, at night it cools to approx. + 10 degrees.


The right clothing is crucial at these altitudes. As clothing, we recommend light but long-sleeved clothing. For ascent it is recommended to choose a thin, light and breathable hunting garment. When you arrive at the summit, rest or lie in front of a pack, we recommend putting on a thin fleece jacket. For the night, think about a thin iso-mat and a sleeping bag because you sleep in a tent in the mountains.

As optic, we recommend a light bino such as 8x42 or 10x42, as it is necessary in the mountains to carry as little weight as possible. Choose a weapon with a fast-paced caliber like 7mm Remington, .300 Win. Like or .338 Win. Shooting distances are up to 300 meters and so a bipod mounted on the forend is helpful. Turs are hard to the shot. As with any other mountain hunt, it's about stopping the game at the spot. So choose a bullet that has a great stopping power.

You should also note that at low temperatures batteries are often used up much faster, so you should definitely take replacement batteries for rangefinders, etc. with you.



On our arrival day we spend the first night together in a hotel in Baku. From there it goes the next morning directly into the hunting area. From the base camp we continue by horse to the tent camp, from these flycamps the hunt then takes place on foot.

The food is typical of the country and usually consists of bread, cheese, fruit and other local specialties as a starter. The main course usually consists of poultry or the venison of the Tur, salad and vegetables. Overall varied and abundant.


Prices and fees

Offer hunting on Dagestan Tur 7.000,- € per hunter

Included in the offer:

• 5 hunting days

• 9 travel days

• Guidance 1:1

• Experienced hunting guide

• Accommodation and food in the camp

• Interpreter support

• All necessary transfers

• Pre-preparation of the trophy

• Support by K & K employees from Frankfurt Airport

• Dagestan Tur regardless of strength


Not included in the offer:

• Flights Baku h / z

• booking fee 195, - €

• Visa 200, - €

• Formalities package (invitation, state taxes and fees, weapons import, interpreter etc.) 350, - €

• Hotel accommodation / meals before and after the hunt

• Tips and trophy transport


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.