Having once hunted for a Marco Polo ram in the "steep country" is something only a handful of hunters have been able to claim. Nowhere else do you hunt in such high altitudes and no other wild sheep reaches such trophy lengths. Hunting the vast plateaus and stalking these wildly-endowed wild species is certainly a challenge, but the trophy of a mature ram is worth the effort.



Marco-Polo-Ram (Ovis ammon polii)


The Marco Polo sheep (also called the Pamir Argali) is a subspecies of the Argali. It can reach live weights up to 140 kg with a shoulder height up to 1.30 m. The main distribution areas are in the Pamir (Tajikistan) and the foothills of the Tienschan Mountains (China and Kyrgyzstan). Marco Polo sheep live at altitudes of about 3,800 m - 5,200 m in very barren mountainous regions (rarely below 3,000 m). Together with the Blue Sheep, there is no other species that is hunted at higher altitudes.


Marco Polo rams carry enormous helical trophies which in exceptional cases can reach lengths of more than 60 inches (152 cm). In Kyrgyzstan, the average trophies in recent years range from 47 to 49 inches.

Both sexes live separated in packs most of the time. During the rutting season (November / December), rams go to the sheep and fierce battles between rams can occur.

Marco Polo sheep hear, eye and squirm excellent, which makes stalking a challenge.

Hunting / Season


We recommend hunting in the period from October to November or February to March. In these periods weather conditions are the best conditions.


Hunting is primarily on the stalk. With jeeps you move from the main camp into the hunting area. From exposed areas, the surrounding slopes are glazed. If shootable rams come into sight they are carefully stalked. Due to the excellent senses of the game, the experience of the guide is required to bring you close to the rams.



The right clothing is crucial at these altitudes. Low temperatures and the wind blowing almost continuously at these altitudes require warm and windproof functional clothing. For this you also need a camouflage suit, as stalking the ram is otherwise hardly possible. At night it can cool down to -15 degrees. Well-worn, ankle stabilizing footwear is, as with any hunt in mountainous areas, very important.


When hunting in the mountains, shots at a distance of 250 m are the order of the day and therefore you should definitely have a high quality, variable sight. Likewise, a powerful binoculars (at least 10x magnification), a spotting scope and a rangefinder are important to be able to address the rams properly. Due to the shooting distances we recommend to use only powerful calibers like 8x68 S or caliber of the .300er group.

With the equipment you should also note that at low temperatures, the batteries are often used up much faster, so you should definitely take replacement batteries for rangefinders, etc. with you.


During your stay you live in a base camp. Fly or outdoor camps do not exist. Despite its remote location, the base camp has electricity, hot and cold water and is heated. You stay in small cabins. Sanitary facilities are available. There are radio or partially satellite phones to ensure contact with the outside world.

Prices and fees


Offer hunting for Marco Polo Aries in Tajikistan 36.500,- €


• Marco Polo ram regardless of strength

• 10-11 travel days

• About 6 hunting days

• Reception at Osh airport

• Transfer to and in the hunting area

• Accommodation and food in the camp

• Guidance and hunting organization

• Interpreting services

• Trophy preparation

• hunting license


Not included in the offer:

• Flights Bishkek / Osh h / z

• Booking fee 195, - €

• Visa and weapons import 230, - €

• Formalities package (invitation, state taxes and fees etc.) 200, - €

• Hotel accommodation / meals before and after the hunt

• Tips and trophy transport


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.