Moose Estonia


Again and again we are asked about promising moose hunts in Europe. Our answer is always simple and concise: . . . Hunt in Estonia! Look forward to a hunt in the Estonian forests for this massive game species, you will be amazed. Our specialists have many years of experience in organizing and conducting moose hunts in the Baltic States.


Informations about Eropean moose (alces alces)

Moose are the largest deer species. The individual subspecies occur in North America, Northern Europe and North Asia. The moose game prefers the humid swampy forest areas of the tundra and taiga belt with coniferous, deciduous and softwood. 

The European moose is slightly weaker in weight and trophy strength than the Alaska or Kamchatka moose. It can reach live weights up to 500 kg (in exceptional cases up to 600 kg) and a withers height of about 1. 90 m. Average antler weights are between 8 kg and 9.5 kg, the absolute top trophies go up to about 14 kg. The share of bulls in Estonia is around 30%.

The moose is usually a loner with large-scale grazing areas. They can only be found in smaller groups during rutting season. Depending on the area, this takes place from mid-September to October. After a gestation period of about 8 months, the moose cows usually get a calf in mid-May. Moose have a well developed sense of smell and, despite their considerable size, are surprisingly secretive.

Hunting method/Hunting season

Moose bulls can be hunted from mid-September to mid-December. In September the rut begins and this is a hunting challenge that can only be offered to us hunters in Europe in a few cases. The approach of a rutting bull is pure hunting pleasure. The mating call oft he moose is not as powerful as that of the red deer, but it is still a natural spectacle beyond compare. Moose are particularly active on frosty nights but in warm weather they are almost completely silent.


Moose are not particularly tough, but powerful calibers are recommended considering their immense mass. 8 x 68 S, 9.3 x 62 or 64 or a caliber from the .300 group should be your choice. The target optics should be suitable for shots up to 150 metres and have a good twilight performance. We also recommend high-performance lightweight binoculars with good twilight performance. Of course, low-noise and weatherproof clothing, well worn and robust footwear and a small backpack are also important.


During your stay you usually live in well developed hunting lodges in the hunting area or nearby. Depending on the hunting grounds, it can also be a private accommodation or a small hotel. We will usually inform you before you start your trip.

All rooms are furnished with great attention to detail, the sanitary facilities almost always meet western standards. But please do not expect excessive comfort, you will not find it in the rural and remote regions. The Estonians are very hospitable people and very soon you will feel like part of the team and not as a paying guest.

Prices and fees

Offer moose hunt in Estonia:      2.490,- €



• 6 travelling days

• 5 nights in a double room with full board (without drinks)

• approx. 4 hunting days

• Guide

• Interpreting services

• All rides in the hunting area

• Weapons import permit


Not included:

• Own arrival/flight

• Single room supplement per night 25,- €

• Estonian hunting license

• Booking fee 195.- €

• Shuttle airport to hunting ground, roundtrip,  on request

• Travel cancellation insurance

• Trophy pre-preparation

• Tips, personal expenses

• Trophy fees according price list (see brochure)


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.