Big Game Mozambique


Mozambique is located in South East Africa, covers 801,590 square kilometres and is sparsely populated with almost 23 million inhabitants. Experienced foreign hunters are enthusiastic about the good game popuölations and the trophy quality. You will hardly find another hunting country with such high success rates on buffalo, hippo, sable and crocodile.


Huntable game species

In the hunting block of our partner, you can hunt over 20 different species on an area of over 200,000 hectares. Our customers not only report enthusiastically about hunting buffalo and sable, but also the "small" trophies of the various duiker species, Liechtenstein's Hartebeest and the rare bush pig enjoy a high status. 


In Mozambique the hunting season lasts from 1 June to 30 November.


In addition to the usual equipment for hunting in Africa, special attention should be paid to well worn, light shoes and seamless stockings made of functional fibres. Cotton quickly becomes wet and softens the foot skin at high temperatures. It is best to take two pairs of ankle-high boots with you, because especially when following the track you often have to walk several miles. 

Concerning the hunting weapon, there is of course the never-ending argument pro or contra double rifle or bolt-action rifle. If you can shoot well over an open sight or a red dot sight, a double rifle is the right choice. In Mozambique, no minimum caliber is required for individual game species. But even when hunting plains game, we recommend calibers from .375 H&H Magnum (exception: hunting Duiker in particular).


The main camp is idyllically situated between tall, shady trees. Our guests live in comfortable houses that have recently been renovated. The entire camp was modernized. A well-rehearsed and experienced team of professional hunters, trackers, drivers and cooks is at your disposal. You certainly will not miss anything there.


Daily rates:

  7 days plains game, guided tour 1:1                                                              660,00 US$

  7 days plains game, guided tour 2:1 (per hunter)                                         600,00 US$

10 days sable / plains game, guided tour 1:1                                                  850,00 US$

10 days buffalo / plains game, guided tour 1:1                                               850,00 US$

12 days elephant / plains game, guided tour 1:1                                            1.500,00 US$

15 days elephant / buffalo / plains game, guided tour 1:1                             1.700,00 US$

21 days lion / buffalo / sable / plains game, guided tour 1:1                         3.000,00 US$

28 days elephant / lion / buffalo / sable / plains game, guided tour 1:1        3.000,00 US$


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