Bushveld South Africa

South Africa

Hunting in South Africa is more varied than in any other country of this large continent. .

In the Kalahari our partner offers a very special hunt on a property of 15,000 ha. Approximately 60 kilometres from the nearest lodge, Eland, blue wildebeest, oryx, springbok and hartebeest are hunted there. The open terrain offers a really exciting hunt. We spend the night in a tent camp in the middle of the Kalahari, because we want to save the morning and evening drive of 60 kilometres each. Who observes at night the stars, sitting before the tents at the campfire, feeling the desert wind and hearing the jackals call, will not forget such evenings so quickly. This hunt is really something for nature lovers who want to dive into the wilderness.

The Great Karoo is known for its high springbok population. Every year, several hundred springboks have to be shot in the 15,000 hectare area. This hunt is ideal for small groups of 4 hunters or more. Daily drives will be carried out and the targeted shooter is in demand here, as larger shooting distances are sometimes needed. Driven hunting in short trousers and shirts is also an alternative to the driven hunts in Europe during the winter time. The overnight stay is in a rustic lodge in a double room.

The best months for hunting are from February to October. There is no hunting on Sunday. But the Eastern Cape offers numerous tourist offers. Whether a visit in the well-known game reserves Addo-Elephant-Park or the Shamwari-Game Reserve, located in Port Alfred at the Indian Ocean or a city stroll in Grahamstown with a visit to the local museums. It will not be boring at the Eastern Cape.

The hunt

After a short breakfast, the first stalking tour with the professional hunter and the tracker starts in the early morning hours. First of all, the area is extensively observed and glassed. When suitable game comes into sight, you stalk and try to approach by taking advantage of every cover and the wind. After another late breakfast or lunch, the stalking continues in the afternoon. The evening ends with a delicious dinner on the veranda or by the fire in the lodge.

Weapon and ammunition

It is important to choose a weapon you trust and know well. If this rifle has a caliber .30-06, it is completely sufficient and can be used without hesitation and with the necessary care. With heavy fillings the .30-06 is absolutely sufficient for all antelopes. For Eland, Kudu and Oryx we recommend a stronger caliber, which guarantees the necessary penetration power, because this game is very heavy and massive. It should be kept in mind that large eland bulls can clearly surpass a buffalo at mass. The 8 X 68 S, 8 x 75 RS, 338 Win. Mag. , 9,3x62, 9,3x64 and similar calibers are proven and suitable.

Also the "old" slow calibers like 8 X 57 IS, 8 X 60 S are suitable - if you consider their limitations regarding the trajectory. Here is some information on suitable projectiles for different game species. Of course, if you want to hunt different game species, you have to make compromises when choosing the caliber. It should be noted that it is extremely important to use hard bullets like TUG, X Barns, ID Classic, A-Frame, Nosler etc..

The weapon for hunting in Africa should be robust and insensitive. The rifle is exposed to vibrations, blows and impacts in the off-road vehicle. When stalking through the thornbush, scratches and bruises can often hardly be avoided. Therefore on a safari you should take a weapon for heavy use and not a "piece of jewellery". It should also be remembered that sand and dust can penetrate almost any system and cause malfunctions. When importing weapons to South Africa, please note that persons under the age of 21 are not allowed to import any weapons! But we have enough loan weapons on site.

Hunting grounds and camps

KALAHARI - This over 15,000 hectare hunting area is located in the northwest near the Namibian border. Especially the chances for 5 species (oryx, red hartebeest, springbok, eland and blue wildebeest) are very good. The camp is very spartanly furnished, there is no electricity. Sleeping on simple camp beds, taking a shower in the open air and behind the curtain. A hunting area for the experienced Africa connoisseur, who really likes original hunting. The basic costs for this wilderness camp are 20% cheaper than in a luxury lodge about 60 km away. And you have to drive about 120 kilometres every day if you want to use this lodge. We recommend a flight to Upington Airport, where you will be picked up and taken to the lodge.

LOXTON - A hunting area in which cull hunts for springboks have been practiced for many years. Thousands of springboks live here. The Karoo is for experienced Africa hunters probably the best you can offer. Together with a hunting guide, the guests are taken to specially selected places. With the help of horse riders the game is carefully set in motion. Exercised shooters can expect to cull up to 10 animals per day. For these hunts we grant you 20 % on the daily rates. Each non-trophy animal is charged with only 190. - €. If you prefer to shoot trophy animals during this hunt, the normal trophy fees (350. - € each) are due.

KIKUYU - This interesting hunting area is located in the middle of the 70,000 hectare Assegai concession. A 4-star lodge awaits our guests and of course very good game populations.

VADERSRUS - An area predestined for hunting kudu, bushbuck, nyala, impala and warthog. The family property of the organizer is also located here. Parts of the area are fenced, but can easily be overcome by most game species.

ECPG - Very nearby is another hunting area of the organizer with a special feature. The camp is adapted for handicapped people.

Prices and fees

• Guided tour 1:1                          500,- €

• Guided tour 2:1                          420,- €

• Non hunting companion           250,- €


The daily rates include:

• 14% South African VAT

• Support by licensed professional hunters

• Tracker and skinner

• Jagdfahrzeuge

• Hunting vehicles and all rides

• full board including non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine

• daily laundry service

• expert field preparation of trophies


Not included:

• Flight to Port Elizabeth or East London and return

• Booking fee 195,- US$

• Tips and personal expenses

• Weapon import permit

• Trophy fees according price list

• Dip and pack, trophy shipment

• Additional accomodation before / after hunting

• Rifle hire


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.