Iberian Ibex


Only in Spain can you hunt the four subspecies of the Iberian Ibex. Enjoy in the most beautiful scenery the advantages of a mountain hunt, without the exertions become too big. All areas are easily accessible. But above all, hunting for ibex in Spain is straightforward and affordable. There are cheap flights, the import of weapons is purely a matter of form and you can usually take the trophy directly with you. So enjoy these carefree hunting days in Spain.




Informations Iberian ibex (Capra pyrenaica)

The Iberian ibex is now native only to Spain and was almost extinct 200 years ago. Due to intensive care and strict hunting guidelines, the populations have meanwhile recovered very well.

Depending on the subspecies, these ibexes can reach weights of up to 80 kg and shoulder heights of up to 80 cm. The goats can live up to 20 years, bucks rarely over 15 years. In contrast to other ibexes, the bucks are sexually mature lately at age of 4 years.

The preferred habitat is rocky high mountains between 500 m and 3,000 m below the snow line.

Only during the rut do goats and bucks come together, otherwise they live separated by gender.


In Spain you can hunt 4 subspecies of the Iberian ibex:

Gredos ibex:

This species is hunted in the Gredos Mountains in central Spain. Horn lengths up to 95 cm can be reached. Typical is the often very strong base and the trophy shape of a lyre.

Ronda ibex:

The  subspecies of the Iberian Ibex with the smallest body and trophy. It occurs in the southern Spanish Ronda mountains. Trophy lengths of 70 cm are already very strong.

Beceite ibex:

The Beceite ibex is the strongest subspecies from venison. It occurs in the Beceite Mountains on the Mediterranean coast in the east of Spain. Horn lengths up to 85 cm can be reached. Typical is the strong horn circumference, which often tapers only in the last third.

Sierra-Nevada ibex:

Also called Grenada ibex. This subspecies lives in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in the south of the country near Valencia. Top trophies can reach horn lengths up to 85 cm.

Hunting season

Gredos-Steinbock:   15th of September to 30th of June

Ronda-Steinbock:    1st of October to 15th of February

Beceite-Steinbock:   15th of October to 15th of May

Sierra-Nevada Steinbock:   1st of October to 30th of May


With all subspecies, you have the best chance to shoot your ibex during the entire hunting season due to the good populations.

At first you go by car into the hunting area. From exposed areas then the promising slopes are observed. If an apropriate ibex comes in sight the stalking begins. Carefully you approach the ibex with your hunting guide up to shooting distance. The success then depends only on your shooting skills.

Of course you should bring some fitness for the stalking in the mountains, but the areas in Spain are much more accessible than for instance  mountains in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan for hunting Siberian ibex. 


The appropriate clothing depends on the season in which you want to hunt. Windproof and breathable clothing and well-worn, the ankle-stabilizing footwear are generally recommended in mountain hunts.

When hunting in the mountains you shoot more often at long distances than usual and therefore you should definitely have a variable target optics with appropriate magnification. Likewise,  a powerful pair of binoculars (at least 10x magnification), a spotting scope and a rangefinder are very helpful.

For the ibex hunt, we recommend a robust bolt action rifle with a powerful caliber such. 6.5x68, 8x68 S or all calibers from the .300 group (Winchester, Weatherby, Pegasus).


During your stay you live in hotels near the hunting area, so you have short driving distances. The hotels are neat and clean and correspond approximately to a middle-class country hotel. Food and hospitality of the Spaniards are known well beyond the borders.

Prices and fees


Offer ibex hunt in Spain:        

1.495,- € per hunter



• 3 to 4 days travelling days

• 2 nights with full board (without drinks)

• 2 hunting days

• Pick up at airport

• All rides in the hunting area

• Veterinary papers

• Weapon import permit

• English speaking guide

• Off-road vehicle


Not included:

• Trophy fees (see brochure)

• Own arrival and departure

• Booking Fee 195.- €

• Spanish hunting license 150, -

• Spanish Insurance 90.- €

• Trophy cleaning and preparation

• Taxidermy

• Tips and personal expenses


We recommend purchasing travel insurance (not included in the hunting costs).

K&K Premium Jagd GmbH terms and conditions apply (available in full on request).

Programs and prices are subject to change.