Red legged partridge


Shoot with us the rapid red legged partridges in the regions Salamanca, Ciudad Real or on Mallorca. Decades of experience of our partners and perfect organisation of the shootings await you as a passionate bird hunter in this impressive hunt. Whether you prefer an "ojeo", the classic Spanish driven shooting, or a walk up, there is something for every taste.



Informations about red legged partridge (Alectoris rufa)

The red legged partridge is about the size of a partridge and belongs to the pheasant family. It resembles the Rock Partridge. Characteristic is the red coloring of the beak and the legs. With flying up birds also the bright red tail-feathers are visible.

Today the main populations are on the Iberian Peninsula, in southern France and in northwestern Italy.

Red legged partridges are ground-breeders and live in family groups . They feed mainly on insects, cereal seeds, buds and leaf tips of herbs.

Hunting season/Hunting method

During the hunting season (October to February, in the Salamanca region until March 30th) red legged partridges can be hunted throughout with very good result expectations.

An excellent team of professional professional hunters, loaders, drivers and dogs is at your disposal on site. According to your wishes you will hunt driven red legged partridges or supported by pointing dogs.

On average, the shooters are overflown by about 4.000 birds per day.


With the equipment, there is only little to consider. The clothing should be adapted to the season in which you want to hunt. You can either bring your own shotgun or get a loan weapon on site. We recommend shotguns in caliber 12 or 20.


We are happy to book accommodation according to your wishes, whether a 5-star hotel or simply a good middle-class hotel, the choice is yours.

Prices and fees

Offer driven shooting red legged partridges                           30,900,-€
(6 to 12 shooters, 550 partridges per group)  


Offer walk up for red legged partridges                                   6,900,-€
(2 to 4 hunters, including 100 partridges per group)


Offer walk up for red legged partridges in Ciudad Real        1,645,-€
(5 to 7 shooters)



• Hunting organisation

• Dogs, beaters, driversr

• Loaders (only driven shooting)

• Field assistant (only driven shooting)

• Spanish hunting license and insurance

• Ammunition in caliber 12 or 20

• Weapon import permit

• Tapas at lunchtime, dinner in the hunting lodge

• 4-5 drives per day (only driven shooting))


Not included:

• Own arrival and departure

• Accomodation

• Tips for the hunting team

• Trophy fees (see brochure)

• Personal expenses


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.