Brown bear Alaska


Hunting the world's largest land predator in breathtaking wilderness, taht is brown bear hunting in Alaska. Our hunting areas in Alaska are located in the middle of the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge, a 14,500 km² nature reserve. Here is one of the largest brown bear populations in the world. The stalking in the rugged landscape with its mountain ranges, tundra and coastal strips is an adventure of a special kind, which you will never forget.



Information about brown bear (Ursus arctos)

The brown bear is the largest land predator on earth. Depending on subtype and habitat, it can reach live-weights until 750 kg and a shoulder-height of up to 150 cm. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent sense of smell. Brown bears have a life expectancy of up to 25 years (female bears up to 1/3 less). The different subtypes are resident in Europe, Asia, Canada and some parts of North America. They are mainly loners and can only be found in groups during the mating season or when the food supply is abundant (salmon migration). During the winter months, they hibernate in caves or hollowed out tree trunks.

The coastal brown bears on the Alaska Peninsula are among the strongest brown bears in the world.

Hunting season/hunting method

In Alaska you can hunt brown bears in spring and autumn. During this time, the bears are searching for food all day long, either to regain their strength after winter or to feed on fat for hibernation.

You will hunt from a flycamp. During stalking, you move to observation hills and look for suitable bears („Spot and Stalk"). If a strong bear comes into sight,you try to approached carefully. Of course you will be accompanied by very experienced guides.


The right equipment can determine success or failure. We therefore recommend the use of powerful calibres such as 8 x 68 S, 9.3 x 62 or 64, all calibres from the .300 group up to the .375 H&H. The variable target optics must be suitable for shots of up to 100 metres and preferably not too heavy. We also recommend high-quality, lightweight binoculars from 10x42. Since you only hunt during the day, you do not need optics with high twilight performance. Telescopic sticks provide a safe step during stalking and should therefore not be missing.

For bear hunting in Alaska you should use windproof, breathable and warm clothing. Light, warm jackets and trousers with membrane and insulation lining have proven their worth. Also important are fleece jackets or pullovers, warming functional underwear and a mosquito net for the head. In addition, you will definitely need well-worn, ankle-stabilizing footwear with a non-slip tread sole and above all a waterproof membrane. A good, waterproof backpack with chest and pelvic straps as well as a light sleeping bag, preferably with cover, and insulating mat complete the equipment.


On the first and last day of your stay you will normally live in the base camp (sometimes it is also possible to hunt from the base camp during the whole time). This camp is simple, but good and clean. Afterwards you change to the hunting area and set up a flycamp there. You can't expect great comfort here, you have to be satisfied with sleeping bag and sleeping mat. The food is rich and good. Warm meals are prepared in the mornings and evenings, sandwiches and bars are served at lunchtime.

Prices and fees

Offer brown bear hunt in Alaska        from 29.000,- US$



• 1 Brown bear without limit

• 12-14 travel days

• 10 hunting days

• Guided tour 1:1

• Hunting organisation

• All transports in the hunting area

• Accommodation and meals in the camp

• Trophy pre-preparation

• Camping gear


Not included:

• Flights to and from Anchorage

• Booking fee 250,- US$

• Charter flight to and from the hunting area  2.000,- US$

• Weapon import permit

• Tips and personal expenses

• Trophy fees, tags, licenses

• Trophy transport


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.