Dall sheep Alaska


The Brooks Range (the highest mountain is Mount Chamberlin at 2,749 metres) runs through Alaska from the Bering Sea to Lake Beaufort in the north above the Polar Circle. This wild landscape is hard to describe, you have to experience it yourself. There are no fitting words, no sentence can reflect what we hunters encounter there. Wonderful landscapes, barren rock regions, green valleys, uncounted nameless rivers and lakes. Hunting for a big Dall sheep ram in this untouched wilderness is an incomparable adventure!



Information about Dall sheep  (Ovis dalli dalli)

The Dall sheep is one of the most sought-after wild sheep on earth. Only in mountain ranges in Alaska and the northwest of Canada there is a population of this special type of sheep. They can reach live-weights up to 120 kg with shoulder-heights up to 100 cm.

The females live together in groups with their lambs, rams form own bands and join the females only during the rut. Both sexes carry horns. The horns of the females are thin and protrude backwards, the curling horn of the rams are turned outwards and can get over one meter long. The pure white skin is also characteristic.

Only when a „full curl" is reached, i. e. when the horn tips reach the base from the side, the rams may be shot. These then have a length starting from 36 inch (approx. 91 cm). The strongest trophies go even beyond 40 inch. Dall sheep are very skilled climbers and have an excellent eyesight.

Hunting season/hunting method

Dall sheep can be hunted in the Brooks Range in August and September. During the midsummer nights, the sun sets for only two to three hours, so that hunting actually is possible around the clock.

Usually you will hunt stalking. The slopes get observed from exposed locations. If mature rams come in sight the more strenuous part begins. By using any cover, often on a circitous route, one tries to get into a favorable shooting position. This is no easy task in the steep mountain regions.


For hunting Dall sheep in Alaska you should use windproof, breathable and warm clothing. Light, warm jackets and trousers with membrane and insulation lining have proven their worth. Also important are fleece jackets or pullovers, warming functional underwear and a mosquito net for the head. In addition, you will definitely need well-worn, ankle-stabilizing footwear with a non-slip tread sole and above all a waterproof membrane. A good, waterproof backpack with chest and pelvic straps as well as a light sleeping bag, preferably with cover, and insulating mat complete the equipment.

Choose a robust bolt action rifle with a powerful caliber (6.5 x 68, 8 x 68 S or all .300 calibers). Since the shooting distances in mountain hunting are often longer, the variable target optics must have a high magnification. The twilight performance is not decisive here, as you hunt during the day. In addition, you should take with you light binoculars with at least 10x magnification, a range finder and a spotting scope.

You should pay particular attention to the quality of all your equipment. In the wilderness of Alaska there are sometimes adverse conditions and poor quality quickly becomes noticeable under these conditions. 


On the first and last day of your stay you will normally live in the base camp (sometimes it is also possible to hunt from the base camp during the whole time). This camp is simple, but good and clean. Afterwards you change to the hunting area and set up a flycamp there. You can't expect great comfort here, you have to be satisfied with sleeping bag and sleeping mat. The food is rich and good. Warm meals are prepared in the mornings and evenings, sandwiches and bars are served at lunchtime.

Prices and fees

Offer Dall sheep hunt in Alaska:            22.500,- US$



• 1 Brown bear without limit

• 12-14 travel days

• 10 hunting days

• Guided tour 1:1

• Hunting organisation

• All transports in the hunting area

• Accommodation and meals in the camp

• Trophy pre-preparation

• Camping gear


Not included:

• Flights to and from Anchorage

• Booking fee 250,- US$

• Charter flight to and from the hunting area  2.000,- US$

• Weapon import permit

• Tips and personal expenses

• Trophy fees, tags, licenses

• Trophy transport


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