Moose Alaska


The 1,000,000 hectare hunting area is located in the middle of the boundless wilderness of Alaska. Far away from everyday life, stress and civilization you experience your Alaska-adventure. Stalking one of the strongest moose subspecies in this fantastic landscape is surely one of the most unforgettable experiences of the hunter's life. 



Alaska moose (Alces alces gigas)

Moose are the largest deer species. The individual subspecies occur in North America, Northern Europe and North Asia. The moose game prefers the humid swampy forest areas of the tundra and taiga belt with coniferous, deciduous and softwood. 

The moose is usually a loner with large-scale grazing areas. They can only be found in bigger groups during the rutting season. Depending on the area, this takes place from mid-September to October. After a gestation period of about 8 months, the moose cows usually get one calf in mid-May.

The Alaska moose belong to the strongest subtypes of this deer species. They can reach live weights of up to 800 kg and a shoulder height of up to 2.30 m. An antler spread of up to 1.70 m is realistic and in exceptional cases antler weights of over 35 kg can be achieved.

Moose have a well developed sense of smell and, despite their considerable size, are surprisingly secretive.

Hunting season/hunting method

We hunt moose in Alaska in September and October. The exact hunting dates depend on the area you are hunting in.

Usually the moose will be stalked. Therefore the hunter and the duide move to exposed locations and stalk the game when it comes in sight. Basically, the following applies: the better the hunter's condition, the greater the chances of a successful hunt. This form of hunting is „spot and stalk". This original form of hunting is most promising in autumn on the endless hills covered with berries. If you wish, you can also hunt by boat, which is a good alternative for moose hunting.

You will be guided by experienced moose hunters who have learned this from childhood.


Moose are not particularly tough, but powerful calibers are recommended considering their immense mass. 8 x 68 S, 9.3 x 62 or 64 or a caliber from the .300 group up to .375 H&H  should be your choice. The variable target optics must be suitable for shots of up to 100 metres and preferably not too heavy. We also recommend high-quality, lightweight binoculars from 10x42. Since you only hunt during the day, you do not need optics with high twilight performance. Telescopic sticks provide a safe step during stalking and should therefore not be missing.

When hunting moose in Alaska you should always use windproof, breathable and warm clothing. Light, warm jackets and trousers with membrane and insulation lining have proven their worth. Also important are fleece jackets or pullovers, warming functional underwear and a mosquito net for the head. In addition, you will definitely need well- worn, ankle-stabilizing footwear with a non-slip tread sole and above all a waterproof membrane. A good, waterproof backpack with chest and pelvic straps as well as a light sleeping bag, preferably with cover, and insulating mat complete the equipment.


On the first and last day of your stay you will normally live in the base camp (sometimes it is also possible to hunt from the base camp during the whole time). This camp is simple, but good and clean. Afterwards you change to the hunting area and set up a flycamp there. You can't expect great comfort here, you have to be satisfied with sleeping bag and sleeping mat. The food is rich and good. Warm meals are prepared in the mornings and evenings, sandwiches and bars are served at lunchtime.

Prices and fees

Offer moose hunt in Alaska:         25.000,- US$



• 1 moose without limit

• 12-14 travel days

• 10 hunting days

• Guided tour 1:1

• Hunting organisation

• All transports in the hunting area

• Accommodation and meals in the camp

• Trophy pre-preparation

• camping gear


Not included in the offer:

• Flights to and from Fairbanks

• Booking fee 250,- US$

• Charter flight to and from the hunting area  2.000,- US$

• Weapon import permit

• Tips and personal expenses

• Trophy fees, tags, licenses

• Trophy transport


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.