Argentina is a hunting country with many possibilities. You will find here many of the Central European game, Asian buffalo, Axisstags and Black Bucks, Pumas or Pekaris, just to name a few. Furthermore, Argentina is of course also known for its excellent wild boar hunting. Especially when in Germany hunting season prevails, you can escape from the cold weather to Argentina and enjoy wonderful hunting days.



Huntable game species

Red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Hunting season: 15.02. - 31.07.

When the hunting season rests in Germany, you can enjoy the deer rut in Argentina (end of March / beginning of April) .The deer are considered to be particularly heavy and reach average antlers weights from 7 kg to 9 kg


Fallow deer (Dama dama)

Hunting season: 01.03. - 31.08.

The Argentine fallow deer gets quite huge in the areas of our outfitter with antlers weighing from 3.5kg to 4kg. During the rutting season in early May you have the best chance, but even outside the rut the hunt is promising.


Mouflon (Ovis ammon musimon)

Hunting season: all year round

Also, the moufflon was successfully released in Argentina. This true-to-life wild sheep is huntable year round and the chances of killing a seasoned ram are good throughout the season.


Wild boar (Sus scrofa)

Hunting season: all year round

In Argentina, you can also hunt for huge boars. The tuskers are characterized above all by a strong base.


Axisstag (Axis axis)

Hunting season: all year round

The Axisstag (also called Chital) originally comes from South Asia. This deer has a striking spotted blanket and long-barreled antler, which usually only reaches sixth tines.


Black buck (Antelope cervicapra)

Hunting season: all year round

The Black buck comes from India just like the Axishirsch. It can reach live weights up to 40 kg. Striking are the spirally twisted horns which can be up to 70 cm long.


Puma (Felis concolor)

Hunting season: all year round

Argentina is one of the few countries where pumas now hunt and can be imported into the European Union. This cat is only found on the American continent and reaches live weights up to 90 kg at shoulder heights up to 75 cm.


Water buffalo (Bubalus arnee)

Hunting season: all year round

The water buffalo is originally also from Southeast Asia. In the meantime, there are huntable stocks in Argentina. They can reach weights of just under a ton and horn lengths up to 1.80 m.


White-Lipped Peccary and Collar Peccary

Hunting season: all year round

A peccary (also javelina or skunk pig) is a medium-sized pig. They are found throughout Central and South America and in the southwestern area of North America. Peccaries usually measure between 90 and 130 cm  in length, and a full-grown adult usually weighs about 20 to 40 kg.


Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)

Hunting season: all year round

The capybara (also called water hog) is the largest living rodent species in the world and closely related to the guinea pig. It can reach live weights up to 60 kg. Currently, these can be hunted in Argentina, but trophy entry into the EU is currently prohibited.


Wing shooting on request 

Hunting and Equipment


In Argentina, hunts are mostly on the stalk, and that is also the most promising hunt in this sprawling country. On request, high seat hunting can be planned on most game species as well. Just tell us your preferences, we prepare your hunt accordingly.


Depending on which game species and season you want to hunt, you also need the appropriate equipment. We will gladly advise you if we know your wishes.



During your stay, you will be accommodated in comfortable hunting cabins of good western standard that will satisfy even the most discerning guests. Depending on the location of the hunting area and the game species to be hunted there are various houses and logdes. Hospitality is very important in Argentina and after a short while you feel like part of the team and not just a paying guest. The food is plentiful and good. Noteworthy are the world-famous beef steaks and the quality of the red wines leaves nothing to be desired. Great emphasis is placed on style and level. All in all a country in which accompanying persons will feel well. Let us advise you in detail and competently. Argentina trips are always tailor made to the individual needs of the guest.

Prices and fees


Hunt in Argentina:



Hunting day 1:1 1 480, - US$

Non-hunting companion per day 300, - US$

Single room supplement per night 90, - US$



• Reception at the airport

• Full board

• Organization single hunt

• Hunting guide


Note: arrival and departure are calculated as full hunting day!


Not included in the offer:

• own arrival and departure

• Trophy fees according to price list (see brochure)

• Argentine hunting license from 250, - US$

• Transfer airport / hunting area to and from

• Weapons import permit per weapon 120, - US$

• Tag per trophy from 50, - US $ to 200, - US $

• For Puma: Special Permit

• Accommodation before and after the hunt

• Personal expenses and tips

• Trophy shipment

• rifle hire per day 50, - US $


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.