Africa: Mauritius

Mauritius, pearl in the Indian Ocean. Due to its numerous possibilities, Mauritius offers a combination between hunting and family holidays. The sandy beaches, different cultures and sights alone are worth the trip! Let yourself be fascinated by the Hindu temples, mosques, churches and the many opportunities that Mauritius offers you!


Informations Mauritius


The volcanic island of Mauritius is located east of Madagascar and truly a tropical beauty. Impressive mountain ranges (up to 828 m above sea level), the lush green sugar cane fields and the shimmering in all imaginable shades of blue sea stand in colorful contrast to each other and offer a fairy tale picture.


Mauritius is an island nation in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, about 1,000 kilometers east of Madagascar. West of Mauritius, about 1,700 km away, is the African coast. North of the Seychelles and in the west is the French overseas department of La Réunion. Due to its tropical idyll, Mauritius has the image of the bathing island par excellence, but the country offers much more than dream beaches. On its 1,865 km², the island offers all kinds of activities that you can imagine. Culturally, too, Mauritius has much to offer. The island is a melting pot of different cultures. The coexistence of almost 1.3 million people of different origins is extremely peaceful. One tolerates the customs and beliefs of others, but a mixture of cultures takes place only to a limited extent. Every culture has retained its peculiarities. So it is not surprising that one can visit during a holiday in Mauritius both Hindu temples, as well as Catholic churches and mosques.

In addition to Kreol, one speaks French, English and occasionally also Indian or Chinese languages. Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere and therefore the seasons are exactly the opposite of ours in the northern hemisphere.



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