Asia: Kustanai

The Kustanai in northern Kazakhstan offers an ideal biotope for the Siberian roe deer. Fertile steppes, huge forest and wasteland areas, lakes and rivers as well as large-scale agriculture have led to exceptionally good populations of this interesting wild species.

Informations Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a total area of 2.7 million km², which only has about 17 million inhabitants. It lies in the south of Russia, borders the Caspian Sea to the west, and is bounded on the east by the Altai Mountains. About 95% of the country belongs to Asia and 5% to Europe. Due to the very thin settlement, the landscape is characterized mainly by the mentioned mountain ranges, whose highest mountain is the Chan Tengri with 6,995 m, and by the vast forest and steppe areas.

The largest city is Almaty with about 1.5 million inhabitants, but the political center can be found in the capital Astana. 


Siberian Roebuck, Kustanai