Asia: Kyrgyzstan

Hunt with us in Kyrgyzstan, far from civilization. Experience a real wilderness hunt, professional hunters, an impressive landscape, living in a tent and hunt for your ibex. The combination of good game stock and physical challenge attracts numerous hunters every year.



Informations Kyrgyzstan

The mountainous landlocked state of Kyrgyzstan lies between China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. In Kyrgyzstan live approximately 5.5 million inhabitants on an area of 199.900km².

Because of their language, the Kyrgyz people are assigned to the Turks. About 65% of the population profess Sunni Islam.

Kyrgyzstan is located in the high mountains of the Tian Shan Mountains. The highest mountain of Kyrgyzstan is the Czhech Chokusu with a height of 7,439 meters. About 95% of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous and only 5% of the total area is agriculturally usable.

Kyrgyzstan has dry, continental hot summers and very cold winters. The annual temperature fluctuations are immense. For example, temperatures can range from 45 degrees in the summer to minus 20 degrees in the winter.