Hunt with us in Kyrgyzstan for Siberian ibex. Experience a breathtaking landscape, warm hospitality, professional hunters and an exciting mountain hunt.

In Kyrgyzstan every year, besides Kazakhstan, the strongest Siberian ibex is killed worldwide. Trophy lengths of 120-130 cm are no exception!

Travel to Kyrgyzstan and bag your ibex. So far, all our guests have had success and loved the country, people and the hunt! If you have your ibex and hold the trophy in your hands, all the hardships are forgotten. You will remember this great hunt for a lifetime!


Informations Siberian Ibex (Capra ibex sibirica)

In addition to the wild sheep, the Siberian ibex in Kyrgyzstan is one of the best known and most sought-after game species.

Siberian ibex lives in the higher regions and is present everywhere in Kyrgyzstan. They prefer open rocky areas at different altitudes from where they can see approaching enemies from a distance. This makes the hunt exciting and demanding.

Capricorns reach a weight of 80-100 kg with a shoulder height of 90-100 cm. The rut takes place in December and January.

In general, the ibex lives in packs of up to 50 pieces. Older ibex  usually are loner or live in smaller groups. Main food are grasses or herbs that they find between the rocks.

In terms of mass and size the Siberian ibex is the strongest representative of the genus "Ibex". Characteristic are the compact physique, the distinctive thighbone, as well as the long, heavy and saber-shaped curved back horns.

The goats are smaller from the body and wear only short trophies.


Hunt / Season

Ibex can be hunted in Kyrgyzstan from September to early December.

You fly to Bishkek and are then taken by a minibus to the hunting area and the base camp. There you can recover from the journey, get to know the hunters and their horse for the coming hunting days and make a test shot.

The next morning the hunt starts. You ride from the base camp with your hunting guide into the hunting area and place your Flycamp. From there will be hunted in the coming days.

You are usually accompanied by 2 hunting guides

In the morning you will get up early to check on the ibex. During the day you will be pretty high up in the mountains, which means for the hunter that he also has to climb to the summits.

If you have bagged your ibex, the hunt is over. You will return from the Flycamp to the base camp, where you can relax.


The hunt for ibex in Kazakhstan is a pure mountain hunt, where you can count on snow on the summits even in summer. We recommend applying several thin layers, which can be removed as needed. Functional underwear is advisable during the ascent.

The shooting distances on ibex can be relatively high, so a bipod can be helpful in aiming. We recommend high-performance calibers like 8 x 68 S, 7 mm Remington Magnum and all calibres of the .300s group.

In order to be able to estimate the shot distance in the mountains better, a rangefinder is very helpful.

For detailed questions about the equipment we are happy to assist you. We were on site and can recommend the right equipment.


On arrival and departure you live in a simple hunting lodge and prepare for the hunt. During your hunting days you spend the night in the so-called flycamps. The flycamps are made up of small tents that are erected in the middle of the hunting area in order to start hunting early every morning.

Prices and fees


Offer Ibex in Kyrgyzstan 6,500, - €


• About 10 to 11 days of travel

• About 7 hunting days

• Reception at Bishkek Airport

• All transfers to and in the hunting area h / z

• Accommodation and meals (excluding drinks)

• Hunting organization

• Interpreting services

• Trophy preparation

• guided tour

• Ibex regardless of strength!


Not included in the offer

• Flight to Bishkek

• Booking fees 195, - €

• Weapon import 150, - €

• Trophy transport

• Formalities package 200, - € (invitation letter, hunting license, state fees and dues)

• In the event of non-success on Ibex, there will be a refund of $ 2,000


Additional trophies

• 2nd ibex 4,000, - €


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.