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Austria is also called the land of castles and palaces or the Alpine republic. And not without reason, because a large part of the country is characterized by the Alps. This picturesque, but also rugged mountain landscape provides a magnificent backdrop for hunting chamois, marmot and even the black grouse. Especially the chamois hunt attracts many hunters to Austria every year. Hunting in the Alps for chamois is of course a challenge, but success makes forget all the effort. Every hunter should have experienced the courtship of the Black Cock once in his life. It is an unforgettable event when in the early morning hours the first black grouse starts humming and plodding on the courts and then the roosters carry out their courtship fights. Experience this exciting hunt for chamois, black grouse or marmots.



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With a total area of ??83,878 km², Austria has about 8.5 million inhabitants. The country is bordered to the north by the Czech Republic and Germany, to the west by Switzerland and Liechtenstein, to the south by Italy and Slovenia, and to the east by Hungary and Slovakia. The most important city is the capital Vienna.


About two-thirds of the country is dominated by the Alps with the Grossglockner (3,798 m) as the highest mountain. To the east lie the great plains along the Danube, above all the foothills of the Alps and the Vienna Basin. With about 40% of forested area Austria is a very wooded country.

Austria lies in the temperate zone, but has different climatic zones due to its topographical diversity. It can be determined in about three climates.

The continent has a more continental climate, with little precipitation, with hotter summers and moderately cold winters.

Alpine, rainy climate with short summers and long winters can be found in the mountainous regions.

In the rest of the country there is a transitional climate from oceanic in the west to continental in the south.







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