Europe: Scotland

Scotland is a country with a long hunting tradition. Above all, the sporty hunting - the stalk - is in the foreground. High seats you will not find in the Highlands. But therefore a rough and rugged landscape of breathtaking beauty. Tree-free, heather-clad slopes and valleys, always with the wind on your face and the slightly salty taste of the sea air on your lips, that's what makes the Highlands  so special. Of course, they are also famous for a density of deer that is not found anywhere else in Europe.


Informations Scotland


Scotland has a total area of ??78,772 km² and about 5 million inhabitants. The country has only a direct border in the south to England, otherwise it is surrounded by the Atlantic and the North Sea. The most important cities are the capital Edinburgh in the west and the largest city in the country, Glasgow, in the east.


Scotland is geographically divided into the Lowlands and the Highlands. The Highlands begin north of the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth, the areas south of it and along the coast to Aberdeen are the Lowlands.

The landscape of the Lowlands is characterized by smaller hills and mountains, long valleys and bays that reach deep into the interior. The majority of the population lives in these areas. In the Highlands, on the other hand, are the big, barren mountains. Here, the landscape is largely uninhabited and numerous lakes and bogs dominate this area.

The climate is oceanic in Scotland and becomes cooler with increasing altitude, generally it gets warmer from east to west but also rainier.




Red stag - Isle of Arran


Red deer hind culling


Small game


Red stag Scotland