Red stag - Isle of Arran


The 32 kilometers long and up to 16 kilometers wide Isle of Arran is located in the Firth of Clyde, not far from Glasgow. Nestled between the Kintyre peninsula and the Scottish mainland, Arran is also referred to as a miniature version of Scotland. This is due to the geological division of the island, because right through  Arran  runs  the  Highland  Boundary  Fault  (geological  boundary).  As  a result, the north of the island belongs to the Highlands, the south, however, to the Lowlands. The landscape is reflected in a lush grassland in the south with rolling hills and a north dominated by rugged mountains.

We hunt exclusively in the heavily rugged northern part of the island - very red deer-rich mountainous moorland. This is characterized by the 874 m high Goat Fell, the highest mountain on the island. Favored by the Gulf Stream, Arran has a particularly mild climate, which in addition to the ubiquitous rhododendrons also allows numerous other plants to thrive, such as Irises or wild roses. Arran is home to about 5,000 people, including about 1,000 in Brodick, the capital of the island.


Informations about red deer (Cervus elaphus)

The red deer is a widespread species. The main distribution areas extend over much of Europe, and have been successfully reintroduced in some areas of South and North America as well as in New Zealand. Due to its high adaptability, red deer can be found in many different habitats. In wooded highlands and high mountains, the almost treeless landscape of Scotland, the humid floodplains of southeastern Europe or the hot and dry plains of Spain - all there are good populations.

Deer can reach weights of up to 350 kg, depending on the habitat and the range offered, with a shoulder height of up to 150 cm.

The adult hinds form herds with the one year olds and the calves. Younger stags also form smaller herds, whereas the older stags roam alone or with a smaller stag most of the time. During the rutting, the strongest deer hold a harem of females. The distinctive roaring of the deer is then heard far and an impressive natural spectacle.

The trophy is very different in branching variety and strength depending on habitat. Red deer hears, sees and smells extremely well.

The red deer in Scotland is significantly weaker in trophy and venison strength than the deer of the European mainland due to the sparse vegetation. Twelvepointers with crown are already an exception and are therefore also respectfully referred to as "Royals".

Hunting season/hunting method

In most countries it is extremely difficult to hunt deer outside the rut. But that's different in Scotland! From the end of August, when the deer have brushed the velvet, you can hunt with the best odds until the end of the deer hunt on 20th of October. You will get your stag.

In Scotland, as already mentioned, you hunt exclusively stalking. Raised hide is a foreign word there. The approach of the deer in low coverage, partly crawling, is what makes hunting in the Highlands so special.


The equipment does not have any special requirements for this hunt. The clothes should be wind- and weatherproof. Whether light or warm depends on the month in which you want to hunt. In addition, you should of course take good binoculars with you with 8x or higher magnification, to be able to spot the deer well.

For the calibers you can use all common sizes from 7 mm, but we recommend powerful calibres like .30-06, .308 Winchester or similar. The heavy calibers like 8x68 S or 9.3x62 you do not need for the light mountain deer. For shooting distances between 100 m and 200 m, a bipod is an advantage that any gunsmith can easily mount on your weapon.


Recommended accommodations:

Bed and Breakfest Carrick Lodge Guest House in Brodick

Tel.: 0044 (0) 1770 302550

from about 30,- £ per night / person including breakfast


Hotel Glenartney,

Tel.: 0044 (0)1770 302220

from about 55,- £ per night / person including breakfast

Prices and fees

Offer individual hunt with 1 red stag     

from 1.180,- £ *



• Bagging of 1 red stag.

• 1 hunting day

• Scottish hunting license

• Guided tour

• Hunt organization

• All rides in the hunting area

• Pick up of the game


Not included:

• Trophy pre-preparation, £ 50 each

• Own Arrival / Flight

• Processing Fee £ 170

• Accommodation and meals

• Weapons import permit £ 40.-

• Tipping per deer £ 50.- and personal expenses


annotation (*):
• In order to qualitatively improve the red deer population, only a few strong stags get shot. Therefore, for each deer with more than twelve points, a surcharge of           £ 430.- will be levied.

On request also package deals for the shooting of 1 or 3 stags are possible!

We recommend purchasing travel insurance (not included in the hunting costs).        K&K Premium Jagd GmbH terms and conditions apply (available in full on request). Programs and prices are subject to change.