Europe: Sweden

Sweden is one of the most interesting hunting countries in Europe. Known for its high elk range and bird hunting for all four grouse. However, only very few people know that due to the many lakes in the south of the country and the prevailing mild continental climate, a mallard population has developed which is unparalleled in Europe.


Informations Sweden

With a total size of 450,295 km² and 9.5 million inhabitants, Sweden is a very sparsely populated country. It borders the Kattegat, Nowegen, Finland and the Baltic Sea. Large parts of the country are flat to slightly hilly, only at the Norwegian border there is the mountain range of the Skanden (highest elevation with 2,111 m is the mountain Kebnekaise). There are hardly any forests in the entire south of the country, where agriculture is predominantly used. Only in central Sweden do the forest areas increase to the typical boreal coniferous forests in the north.



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