Capercaille & black grouse Sweden



Bird hunting in Sweden has a centuries-old tradition. Here you can still find an eldorado. Those who love grouse hunting are in good hands in Sweden's forests. While the populations in many countries are decreasing all the time, they are rising steadily in Scandinavia. 

Informations about caipercaille (Tetrao urogallus) and black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix)

The western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), also known as the wood grouse, heather cock, or just capercaillie is the largest member of the grouse family. Cocks typically range from 74 to 85 cm in length with wingspan of 90 to 125 cm and an average weight of 4.1 kg. The largest wild cocks can attain a length of 100 cm, a wingspan of 140 cm and a live weight of 6.5. The hens are clearly smaller and only reach weights up to 2. 5 kg. In Central Europe there are now only small populations, in Eastern Europe and Eurasia there still are even larger populations.

The cock and hen of the territory-loyal wood grouse live separately in small groups. During the courtship (depending on altitude and weather from April to May), cocks and hens can be found at steady courtship grounds. For a brief moment, right at the end of his four-part mating song, the cock bird becomes temporarily deaf and blind. It is only at this exact point that the hunter can take another step or two towards his prey. Only the highest-ranking cocks can come to copulation success in the end. Capercaillie has excellent eyes.

Also the black grouse or blackgame or blackcock (Lyrurus (or Tetrao) tetrix) is a large game bird in the grouse family. Like the capercaillie, the black cock wears a splendid plumage, while the hen is simply dark banded on a consistently light brown ground. The cock grows to about 50 cm tall and weighs up to 1. 5 kg. Hens are a little smaller. Particularly striking are the red wattles above the eyes of the cock. 

Cock and hen differ clearly. The cock carries a shiny, blue-black plumage with a light wing-underside. The hen is a bit smaller than the cock and her plumage is yellow-brown with black stripes.

During the courtship (April/May) the black grouse gather on certain mating-places. There is a strict ranking among the cocks and this is determined by numerous display gestures and vocalizations as well as rank fights.

Hunting method/Hunting season

From mid-November until the end of January you can hunt the various species of grouse. It is a demanding hunt that requires physical fitness and good shooting skills of the guest hunter. Hunting is done exclusively by stalking and especially in high snow it can be very strenuous.


Regarding the equipment there is little to consider. We recommend a well zeroed weapon in calibres .22 Hornet or .222 or .223 Remington. Importing trophies is no problem, look forward to an interesting stalking in the tundra. In addition, you only need warming clothing, hat and gloves. It is recommended to choose breathable clothing.


During your stay you will live in a cottage near the hunting ground. Camp Lapponia is located about 16 km from Asele, directly on the shore of Lake Visjö. It can accommodate up to 8 hunters in 4 double rooms. The total hunting area covers about 20.000 hectares. The local cuisine is complemented by locally shot game. You will be satisfied.

Prices and fees

Offer capercaille and black grouse hunt in Sweden       from 2.700,- € per hunter


Dates: 15.10.2023 - 31.01.2024



• Shooting of 1 capercaille and 1 blackcock

• 7 travelling days

• 5 hunting days

• All transports and drives in the hunting area

• Swedish hunting license

• Guided tour 2:1

• Organization of the hunt

• Accomodation and catering within the hunting area


Not included:

• Trophy fees for additional shootings (see brochure)

• Own arrival and departure

• Weapon import permit approx. 150,- €

• Booking fee 195.- €

• Tips, personal expenses

• Trophy pre-preparation and shipment

• Pick up at airport 200,- €


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.