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Turkey is mostly known as a holiday destination. Beautiful beaches, bright sunshine, spice markets and oriental Ottoman atmosphere. That's what you associate with this country. However, Turkey is also a particularly attractive country for hunting. The diverse landscape and geological regions and the relatively sparse settlement in rural and mountainous areas have provided good wildlife. Turkey has become known in particular by hunts for strong boars. Nowhere is it easier to hunt his 'lifetime-tusker' than in this interesting hunting land. In the mountainous regions in the south of the country there are strong and capital bezoars, we have some of the best hunting areas under contract. What only a few know: Every year there are a few licenses for the Anatolian red deer.



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With a total area of ??814,578 km², Turkey is more than twice as large as Germany, but it only has about 75 million inhabitants. The main cities are the capital Ankara in the middle of the country and the metropolis Istanbul in the northwest.

The country is located geographically on the continents of Europe (about 3% of the land area) and Asia (about 97% of the land area). It is bordered to the north by the Black Sea, to the east by Georgia, Armenia and Iran, to the south by Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean and to the west by the Aegean Sea, Greece and Bulgaria. Through this central position between the two continents, Turkey has always been the link between the Orient and the Occident.

Scenic Turkey is very diverse. From the several thousand kilometers long, very fertile coastline, over the hills of the Aegean Sea, the Thracian and inner Anatolian plateaus, the fertile areas of the Euphrates and Tigris up to the high mountains of eastern Anatolia, the most diverse landscape pictures offer themselves.

Climatically, the country is as varied as geography. There are Mediterranean climate in the coastal regions, steppe climate in the Anatolian highlands and continental climate with cold winters in the Eastern Anatolian mountain ranges.



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