Wild boar


In the last 20 years Turkey has become an absolute top address for wild boar hunting. No other country in Europe offers better opportunities. The wild boar is just rarely hunted by the local population. This is because the Muslim religion prohibits the consumption of pork. As a result, very good populations, and especially a large number of old and mature boars, have grown.

Boars with over 200 kg and tusks of over 27 cm have already been shot here. Thanks to our excellent local partner, we have access to the best hunting areas. Coupled with a perfect organisation you will experience a wild boar hunt in Turkey that you will remember for a long time.



The wild boar belongs to the family of the real pigs. Due to the very high adaptability, it is widespread from all over Europe to Southeast Asia. Furthermore, there are also larger populations in North Africa, making wild boar one of the most widespread game species in the world. The intensification of agriculture has contributed to the high distribution and population of wild boar.

Depending on the habitat, live weights of up to 350 kg can be achieved at shoulder heights of up to 120 cm.

The wild boar has a pronounced social behavior and lives in small to big sounders, usually consisting of several sows and their offspring. Older wild boars are usually loners and only look for the proximity of the sows during the rutting time.

High intelligence and a good sense of smell and hearing always make hunting for wild boar a challenge. That's what makes it so attractive.


We recommend hunting wild boar in Turkey during waxing moon or full moon. The wild boars can be hunted all year round and the chances are always good, whether in summer or winter.

Long before your arrival, the feeding places get loaded and the track picture is checked daily. Due to the lack of hunting pressure, this method can be used to bind the boars well. When you arrive, you will stalk the feeding places together with an experienced hunting guide to get your strong tusker.


Because you will be mostly stalking, you should definitely wear well-worn, ankle-stabilizing footwear. The clothing depends of course on the season. In addition, you should have twilight-strong binoculars and rifle scope, as you hunt mainly in poor light conditions. For the capital boars, please use powerful calibers such as 8x68 S, 9.3x62 or calibers of the .300 group (Winchester, Weatherby, Pegasus).


During your stay you will live in a cottage near the hunting ground. These cottages are well equipped and have excellent service. Hospitality is very important in Turkey and the cuisine also enjoys a very good reputation. 

Prices and Fees

Offer wild boar hunt in Turkey:   1.995,- € per hunter



• Shooting of one tusker without limit

• 6 travelling days

• 5 nights with full board

• All rides in the hunting area

• Turkish hunting license

• Guided tour 1:1 and hunting organization


Not included in the offer:

• Trophie fees for further wild boars (see brochure)

• Own arrival and departure

• Booking fee 195,- €

• Trophy pre-preparation

• Weapon import permit/Transfers 150,- €

• Trinkgelder und persönliche Ausgaben


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.