Europe: Slovakia

Slovakia - more and more is this Jagdland getting in the focus of German-speaking hunters. The advantages are clear: comfortable arrival, trouble-free weapon import, paiying in Euro currency, a wide range of game species huntable. And last but not least beautiful areas in the High Tatras, the Beskids and in the Great and Small Hungarian Plain. From the huge mountain stag over roebucks to the rare wild turkey. Hunter's heart - what more do you want?


Informations Slovakia

Slovakia is a central European country with borders to Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. With a total size of 49,034 square kilometers and just under 5.4 million inhabitants, Slovakia is a sparsely populated country. The north and the center of the country is dominated by mountains (High and Low Tatras, Carpathian Forest), the rest of the country is expected to the so-called Great and Small Hungarian lowlands. The highest point is the Gerlachovský štít with 2,655 m, the most famous river the Danube. The capital and largest city in the country is Bratislava.




Turkey in Slowakia