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Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula and is largely characterized by a forested low mountain range, with the highest mountains reaching heights of almost 2,400 meters above sea level. Part of the mountainous region, especially in the western parts of the country and Herzegovina, is karstified. The surface water generated here does not get into the large river systems, but mostly seeps away. In the south and in the northern Sava lowlands there are also flatter regions that are used for agriculture. Also in the south is the 20 km long Adriatic coast near Neum. Chamois hunting in particular attracts many hunters to Bosnia every year. Hunting for a mature chamois in the mountains is of course a challenge, but success makes you forget all your efforts.


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Bosnia-Herzegovina is located east of the Adriatic Sea on the Balkan Peninsula. Neighboring countries are in the
North and west of Croatia, in Easter Serbia and Montenegro in the southeast. Capital and largest city
of the country is Sarajevo. With a total size of 51,197 km² and only 3.5 million inhabitants, that's a good thing
sparsely populated country. That naturally benefits us hunters.


The Dinaric mountain region - also known as the Bosnian Dinarids - extends from the southeast of the country
across the central region to the northwest. The landscape is shaped by numerous
Mountains that are less karstified but covered with forest. Summers can reach 35 degrees Celsius
get hot, in winter the temperatures drop to -15 degrees with plenty of snow.






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