Chamois Bosnia


Chamois hunting in Bosnia means exciting hunting in picturesque mountains, cozy evenings among hunting friends and time to relax away from everyday life. The breathtaking scenery and the challenge of hunting these skilled climbers will give you some unforgettable moments.


Informations Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)


The chamois is a kind of goat native to Europe and Asia Minor. With live weights of up to 40 kg, shoulder heights of up to 85 cm can be achieved. Characteristic for both sexes are the crutches and the pale yellow to yellow-gray blanket with black eel stripes in summer and the dark gray to black blanket in winter. In the winter blanket, the bucks form back hair up to 25 cm long with a light tip (hoarfrost), this is the so-called chamois beard.


The main distribution areas are in the Alps, but there are also other good European mountain ranges from Spain to Bulgaria and New Zealand. The chamois live, depending on the subspecies and region, at altitudes from 700 m (so-called forest chamois) to over 3,000 m.

The goats live with the fawns in small packs of about 15 to 30 pieces. In the event of danger, they emit a whistling warning tone. The bucks are mostly solitary most of the time. During the rut (mid-November to mid-December) they go to the goats.


Hunting and Season


In Bosnia chamois can be hunted from September 1st to February 28th. In general, the later in the year you try, the more difficult the hunt will be. In winter with snow, mountain hunting is of course more demanding than in summer. Therefore, you should make your desired appointment dependent on your own physical fitness.


The hunt is primarily on the stalk. The promising slopes are spotted during the day. When the chamois comes into sight, the strenuous part begins. Now it is time to carefully start the climb to climb over the game or at least to reach the same height. If there is a suitable piece, it is important to get a good shot. As with all mountain hunts, the shooting distances are slightly higher than usual.



The clothes should be adapted to the season you want to hunt. Windproof and breathable clothing and well-worn, the ankle-stabilizing footwear are generally recommended in mountain hunts.


When hunting in the mountains you shoot more often at longer distances than usual and therefore you should definitely have a variable target optics with appropriate magnification. Likewise, powerful binoculars (at least 10x magnification), a spotting scope and a rangefinder are very helpful.

For the chamois hunting you can use all common calibers from .243 Winchester and higher.



During your stay you live in a guest house or hotel close to the hunting area. All rooms are furnished in the typical way and correspond to western comfort. But please do not expect luxury, because where strong chamois are at home, thank God there are no 5 star hotels. So far, however, all of our guests have been satisfied.
The food is plentiful and good and some of them will return from this hospitable country with a bit of finesse - despite the strenuous hunt.

Prices and fees

Offer chamois in Bosnia            Price on request

• 5 trip days

• 4 overnight stays with full board service


• 3 full hunting days


• All transports in the hunting area

• 1: 1 guidance and hunting organization

• translator

• Evaluation of the trophy

• Hunting license


Not included in the offer:

• Arrival and departure

• Trophy fees according to the price list (see brochure)

• booking fee € 195

• Weapon import license € 50

• Mileage allowance (approx. € 20 to € 40 per day)

• Personal expenses

• Tips and trophy transportation

• Transfer airport / hunting area  approx. € 200


Subject to price and program changes. The general terms and conditions of K&K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.