Australia and New Zealand: New Zealand

For years, New Zealand has been enjoying ever-increasing obesity, especially among German-speaking hunters. This is partly due to the beautiful landscape, the proverbial New Zealand hospitality, a pleasant climate and of course a wide range of hunting offers. There is a lot of red deer, also Chamois and Tahr can be hunted. Ideally, you can combine hunting and vacation. We will gladly inform you in all details and hunting and sightseeing in New Zealand.


Informations New Zealand

New Zealand is a geographically isolated island nation in the South Pacific. It is divided into a north and south island with a total size of 269.652 sq km. With only 4.5 million inhabitants, New Zealand is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Capital and economic metropolis is Wellington in the south of the North Island. New Zealand has a mild climate. While the west coast is almost completely overgrown with temperate rainforest, there are pronounced mountain ranges in the interior of The Southern Peninsula with Mount Cook as the highest mountain (3,754 m).


New Zealand

Redstag, Chamois and Tahr