Redstag, Chamois and Tahr

Kiwis - Keas - Penguins are all protected species. But otherwise New Zealand offers a variety of hunting opportunities. In the central mountain areas of the South Island well organized single hunts are organized on red deer in the area of Lake Tekapo for many years. We are not talking about the 'monster trophies' from fenced areas, but about strenuous mountain hunts in the New Zealand Alps. If you value difficult and sustainable stalking, then you are in the right place!

If you want to really sweat and trust yourself, you should hunt for Tahr and Gams. Both game species can be well combined. The stocks are good numbered and of such good quality that you will certainly get a shot.



Informations Red Stag (Cervus elaphus)

The red deer is a widespread species of the deer. The main areas are spread over much of Europe, and it has also been successfully reintroduced in some areas of South and North America and New Zealand. Due to the high adaptability of this wild species, red deer can be found in many different habitats. Both in wooded highlands and high mountains, the almost treeless landscape of Scotland, the humid floodplains of southeastern Europe or the hot and dry plains of Spain, where there are good stocks.

Deer can reach live weights of up to 350 kg, depending on the habitat and the range offered, with a shoulder height of up to 150 cm.

The old females form packs with young females, spikers and calves. Younger stags also form smaller packs, whereas the older stags roam alone or with a smaller stag most of the time. During the rutting, the strongest stag hold a pack. The distinctive roaring of the stag is then heard from far and is an impressive natural spectacle.

The trophy is very different in its variety and strength depending on habitat. 

Informations Tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus)  

Thars are goat-like in shape and live in three separate isolated areas in the Himalayas, South India and the Arabian Peninsula. They weigh up to 120 kg and are skilled climbers who prefer rocky and rugged terrain. Tahrbulls have in particular in the neck a pronounced mane, the so-called fleece. Both sexes wear horns, which can be up to 40 cm long in top trophies. While the females form large packs, Tahrbulls, at least the elders, live in smaller squads or even solitary.

Informations Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)

The chamois is a type of goat in Europe and Asia. Chamois reach live weights up to 40 kg, shoulder heights of up to 85 cm can be achieved. Characteristic of both sexes are the crutches and the pale yellow to yellow-gray blanket with black eel in summer and the dark gray to black blanket in winter. In the winter cover the bucks form up to 25 cm long back hairs with a bright tip (hoop), that is the so-called Gamsbart.

The main areas are in the Alps, but also other European mountain ranges from Spain to Bulgaria. New Zealand also has good stocks. The chamois lives depending on subspecies and region in altitudes from 700 m (so-called forest chamois) to over 3,000 m.

The females stay with the fawns in small packs of about 15 to 30 animals. In case of danger they give a whistling warning sound. The bucks are most of the time rather solitary. During the rut they pull to the goats.

Chamois are excellent climbers, and their sesnses are very keen. 

Hunting / Season

It is possible to hunt Tahr the year round, with the months of March to August and November being recommended. If you are particularly interested in a good chamois, you should hunt between March to May. March to August - this is the best time for red deer. The earlier you hunt in the year, the better you can do combination hunts. We would like to advise you on this point in detail.

Hunting is done only on foot. Red deer, Tahr and Chamois are low mountain or mountain dwellers and you have to leave a few drops of sweat before you get into their estuaries. But no worry! If you have a normal condition, you will surely succeed. The stocks are high and of such good quality that the local guides have always managed to bring our guests to the point.

It is a challenging hunt with a high success rate. The New Zealand mountains are among the most beautiful in the world. New Zealand is located exactly on the other hemisphere.

Hunting takes place mostly on private property, that sometimes covers many thousands of hectares. Basically, hunting is only in the wild, which is also desired by most of our guests. 



All of our approved big game calibres are allowed. Powerful calibers such as 6.5 x 68, 8 x 68 S or all calibers of the .300s group (Winchester, Weatherby or Pegasus etc.) are always an advantage in a mountain hunt.


Take good binoculars (best with 10x magnification) with you. Important are also well-worn footwear with a grippy outsole and windproof, warming and water-repellent outerwear. This way you are well prepared for a hunt for New Zealand.




'The Chalet' Lake Tekapo is the residence of our organizer; at the same time, it serves as a starting point for most of the hunts we offer. There are 6 comfortable apartments available. You will miss nothing. 'The Chalet' will satisfy even the most demanding hunter.


Where you live during the hunt depends on travel time, hunting area and game species. It can be hunting huts (shepherd huts), tent camps or even simple hunting lodges. But we are sure that you will feel good everywhere. In New Zealand you get all-round care that you rarely find. Food is plentiful and good, you will lack nothing.



Prices and fees


1 € = 1.67 NZ $ (as of 07.01.2022)


Tahr hunt in New Zealand (private land) 13.000, - NZ $

• 7 travel days from / to Christchurch

• 6 nights

• full board (without alcoholic beverages)

• Organization single hunt Tahr

• Guided tour 2: 1

• hunting license

• English-speaking hunting accompaniment

• One Tahrbull


Chamois hunting in New Zealand (state land) 12,500, - NZ $

• 7 travel days from / to Christchurch

• 6 nights

• full board (without alcoholic beverages)

• Organization single hunt chamois

• Guided tour 2: 1

• hunting license

• English-speaking hunting accompaniment

• One chamois

• State license fee per cham 115, - NZ $ (payable locally after hiring)


Red deer hunt in New Zealand 6,500, - NZ $

• 6 travel days from / to Lake Tekapo

• 5 nights

• full board (without alcoholic beverages)

• Organization single-hunt red deer

• Guided tour 1: 1

• Hunting license for 4 hunting days

• English-speaking hunting accompaniment

• Trophy fee per red deer 4.000, - NZ $ (payable locally after hiring)


Not included in the hunting costs / Additional information:

• Flights to Christchurch

• Transfer costs for red stag hunt 1.200, - NZ $

• Personal expenses, alcoholic drinks, gratuities

• Costs non-hunting companion per day 500, - NZ $

• trophy preparation, each trophy 200, - NZ $

• Trophy shipment

• possibly additional nights on The Chalet from 250, - NZ $

• booking fees 350, - NZ $

• trophy export fee 105,- NZ$


Basically, in all hunts: wounded = killed!


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.