Buffalo hunt


The cape buffalo is one of the most sought-after big game trophies of the southern Africa. Its toughness is legendary; it is regarded as the magical game that symbolizes Africa like no other. Hunting buffalos is possible almost everywhere in southern Africa, but especially Zimbabwe offers very good populations and an unbeatable price/performance ratio.


Informations about Cape buffalo (Syncherus Caffer)

The Cape buffalo or Kaffer buffalo occurs in a variety of habitats, from dense rainforest to open savannah. In the mountains you can find it up to an altitude of 3000 m. The largest populations exist in wet savannahs with year-round good supply of drinking water, grasses and dense retreat areas. Tall grown bulls can reach a shoulder height of 1.70 meters, a length of 3.40 meters and a weight of 1,000 kg.


The aim of the most buffalo safaris is to harvest an old, mature buffalo bull with a pronounced boss and long, deeply curved horns. Depending on the season, the hunter must either shoot the bull out of a smaller or larger herd - or track the bull as a loner in small bachelor groups (so-called Daggaboys) and then shoot.

But also hunting buffalo cows is exceptionally exciting; these are almost always hunted out of the herd. Buffalos are quite water-dependent and therefore easier to find in the dry season (from July). The stalking through meter-high elephant grass from March to about June is of course particularly challenging.


Any weapon that you can handle safely and shoot quickly and, if necessary, freehand is suitable. No matter if double rifle or bolt-action rifle - calibers under . 375 are not recommended and usually not allowed. The weapon should have a rifle scope for stalking – with a power of 1.5 - 6 times for example - since buffalos like to sit in the shadows and are therefore difficult to identify with an open sight; in addition, further shots may be necessary in open areas.


During your stay you will live in a well-developed camp directly in the hunting area. It was completed in 2013 and comprises three spacious safari tents with private bath/toilet areas as well as the usual central dining area. The unique location above a riverbed and the rich catering ensure that you will quickly feel at home. Unusual for Zimbabwe: despite its lonely location, the camp is connected to the local 220V power grid.

Prices and fees

Offer Buffalo Special:        Price on request



• 10 full hunting days

• Accomodation and catering in the camp

• Guided tour 1:1

• Professional hunters and trackers

• Laundry service

• Camp staff


Not included:

• Trophy fee Cape buffalo: 5.500,-US$

• Flight to Harare

• Transfer Harare to hunting area, roundtrip      1000,- US$

• Charter flight to  hunting area, roundtrip       on request

• Booking fee    250,- US$

• Trophy field preparation  and export documents

• 4 % ZTA levy on trophy fees and daily hunt rates

• Trophy shipment

• Tips and personal expenses


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