Duck hunt in Saxony


We have been looking for excellent duck hunts in Germany for a long time. Now we have found it - the Döbra pond estate, north-east of Dresden, near Kamenz in the federal state of Saxony.
Staff from our team were on site and checked everything thoroughly. Of course we didn't want to miss the chance for a good mallard shooting. The result: . . . simply fantastic! 

What was everyday life for our ancients is difficult to realize today. Namely good waterfowl hunts. It takes a lot of passion and enthusiasm on the part of the owner, because the preserve of mallards is a science in itself. There are two prerequisites for a successful hunt: hunting predators and peace and quiet on the hunting ground!

The management and cultivation of the ponds takes a lot of time and is very cost-intensive. The water surfaces must be kept free, but at the same time it must be ensured that there is sufficient cover for all waterfowl.

This belongs in the hands of experts and the owner of the Döbra pond estate is known for this far beyond Saxony's borders. His word has weight and even the most experienced waterfowl hunters can still learn something from him.
Call us and inquire about this duck hunt. The places are very limited and in great demand every year.


Informations about mallards (Anas Platyrhynchos)

The mallard is a very widespread species of dabbling ducks in Eurasia and the primeval form of the domestic ducks. They can reach wing spans of up to 95 cm and a body length of up to 58 cm. Except on approximately two months (July/August), the drakes wear their distinctive splendid dress. The glossy green head with the white neck ring and the yellow beak makes them unmistakable.

During the moult, the drake wears a brown-gray speckled plumage with metallic blue speculum and looks very similar to the duck. Only the dark beak of the females and the yellow beak of the drake helps with the distinction.

Mallards are extremely adaptable and occur almost everywhere, where there are waters. They can even be found in densely populated cities. They have very different migratory patterns in different regions. While the ducks in the northern areas move to warmer regions in winter, the ducks in the southern areas are territory-loyal. The distances of the miration can vary greatly.

Mallards fly fast and straight and they can rise almost vertically.

Hunting method/hunting season

All bird hunts are conducted according to strict and practice-proven rules. Between 8:00 and 9:00 am, after a welcome snack, you drive together tot he hunting ground. The first drive of this one-day hunt usually starts around 10:00 am.

Depending on the number of shooters and weather conditions, there are usually three to four drives scheduled for this day. The mallard population is so good that a total bag of 400 ducks can be achieved by experienced shooters. For the sake of fairness, all stands will be drawn before the start of the hunt.

Please note that in Saxony only lead-free shot may be used in waterfowl hunting.
After the festive display oft he bag, the hunting day ends in a convivial get-together with a multi-course dinner. This hunt is for the experienced shooter, let our specialists inform you in detail. We look forward to your call.


No special equipment is necessary for this hunt. All you need is clothing adapted to the weather conditions. It is often still quite warm in September, so you can hunt in a sweater during the day. Rainwear should be in the backpack to be on the safe side.

Use a shotgun that fits you perfectly and with which you are familiar. Shot sizes of 2.7 - 3mm are recommended.


There are numerous good hotels or guesthouses in the surroundings of the Döbra pond estate. Depending on the wishes of the group, we will be happy to help you find a hotel. The hunting manager has the best contacts to the local hoteliers and will be happy to give you valuable tips and suggestions.

Prices and fees

Offer duck hunting at Teichgut Döbra:  24.750,- €  for up to 18 shooters

Price for individual hunter or add-on participants  1.375,- €



• Organisation of duck hunt

• 3 to 4 drives

• Dogs, beaters and assistants

• Welcome snack

• Multi-course dinner

• 400 ducks


Not included:

• Extra duck 17,- € each

• Accommodation

• Additional meal

• Booking fee 50.- €


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.