Black bear, Canada

Bear-hunts are generally very exciting, but to experience them on the stalk rather than from the high seats, makes the hunt so special. If you see bears for the first time, your heartbeat will certainly beat faster and many have taken the hunting fever in such a way that shooting was completely out of the question. Enjoy a fascinating landscape, an exciting hunt and unforgettable evenings around the campfire!

We will put together a group tour again thiy year. Hunt in a great community and travel carefree!


Informations Black Bear (Ursus americanus)

The black bear, also called Baribal, occurs mainly in Canada and the western United States. It can reach live weights up to 140 kg and a shoulder height of up to 100 cm. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent sense of smell. Black bears can live up to 30 years.

Apart from leading mothers, black bears are predominantly solitary. These bears are good climbers, swimmers and perennial runners. They do not avoid humans very much, are sometimes even found near the settlement.

In the Chilcotin Mountains, our partner's approximately 500,000-hectare hunting area, the bears have an average size of 6.5 feet, and large individuals can reach sizes over 7 feet.

Hunting / Season

Black bears are hunted in Canada B.C. in spring and autumn. The spring hunt starts in early May and ends in mid-June. From September to the beginning of October, the autumn hunt takes place. The chances of success are very good at both times and both have their advantages. In the spring, the quality of the fur is better, in autumn the bears are stronger. 

In Canada you hunt the black bears stalking. In the mornings and afternoons you are in the area and checking interesting spots again and again. If there is a bear in sight, it will be stalked with good wind, using any cover. Of course, you will always be accompanied by an experienced hunting guide, who is very familiar with game and land.


The right equipment can decide on success or failure. Take a rugged repeater with you. All common game calibres like 7x64, .30-06 up to 9,3x62 are best suited for this hunt. As you hunt on the stalk you should have a lightweight variable scope. For example, use 1.5-10x42. For this you need a good binoculars with 8x or 10x magnification.


Well-worn footwear with a grippy sole, as well as wind and waterproof breathable clothing are the basic requirements. Also make sure that the equipment is as quiet as possible. 


On the day of arrival, you will stay in a hotel in Vancouver. The next morning you will be picked up by employees of our partner and driven by car directly to the main camp. This is comfortably equipped, so you will not lack anything. The food is also rich and is freshly prepared in the main camp.

Prices and fees

Offer Black Bear Hunt in Canada US$ 5,780

• One black bear

• 10 travel days

• Accommodation and food in the camp

• 7 full hunting days

• Hunting guide 2: 1 and organization

• All transports in the hunting area

• Trophy preparation


Not included in the offer:

• Charges for additional trophies (see brochure)

• Royalty black bear 75, - US$

• Transfer Vancouver Hunting Area h / z 400, - US$

• COD Trophy Shipment 150, - US$

• Canadian VAT (2.5% on hunting costs, 5% on licenses)
• Own arrivals and departures, trophy shipping, personal expenses, pre and post hunt nights, gratuities (10% are common in Canada)

• Canadian arms imports about 25, - US$

• booking fee 300, - US $


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.