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Canada, the second largest country in the world and an incomparable natural paradise. Endless wilderness, prairies, endless forests, high mountains and vast expanses of water await you there. For decades adventurous hunters have been attracted to this beautiful country. The famous Indian Summer, the mighty mountains of the Rocky Mountains, the hunt in untouched wilderness on horseback, these are all points that make this hunting land unforgettable.


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With a total area of ??9,984,670 km², Canada is almost as big as Europe, but has only 35 million inhabitants. This very thin population, which is still mainly concentrated in the south, has ensured that Canada is still largely characterized by untouched nature. The only neighboring countries are the USA in the south and northwest and the Danish autonomous region of Greenland in the northeast. Capital is Ottawa, but the largest cities are Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver.


Almost half of the national territory is occupied by the Canadian shield located around Hudson Bay. Apart from a few low mountains in eastern Quebec and Labrador, the landscape is flat and hilly. The water network is dense, the drainage of the region is carried out over a variety of rivers. The southern half of the shield is covered with boreal forests, while the northern half, including the islands of the Arctic archipelago, lies beyond the Arctic tree line and is covered with rocks, ice and tundra vegetation. The eastern islands of the archipelago are mountainous, while the western ones are flat.

To the west and south of the Canadian Shield lie the plains around the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes. The natural vegetation of the southern part of the prairie provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta is prairie grass, while the northern part is wooded.

Canada's west is dominated by the partially volcanically active mountain ranges of the Coast Range and the Rocky Mountains.




Mountain Goat, Canada
Black bear, Canada