Mountain Goat, Canada

High Mountain Hunt in Canada B.C. on mountain goat is an impressive experience. In the Chilcotin Mountains in southern Canada B.C. are the approximately 500,000 acres of hunting grounds our organizer takes care of. A landscape, incredibly beautiful and hard to describe. You have to experience it yourself. Steep rocky regions with barren alpine meadows and fertile valleys shape the picture of this almost deserted landscape. Stalking the coveted mountain goat on horseback or on foot is wilderness hunting in its most glorious form.


Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus)

This type of goat is native to much of North America and can be found here in the northern Rocky Mountains, western Canada and the northwestern United States. They can reach live weights of up to 130 kg with a shoulder height of up to 120 cm (the females are slightly smaller).

Particularly striking is the massive physique and the creamy white fur. Both sexes wear the short, blue-black, curved back horns. The horns of the goats (nannies) are usually a bit longer but also much thinner and more outwardly bent than the bucks (Billys).

Currently best snow-goat trophies are found in southern Canada B.C. Adult Billys usually wear horns between 6 and 8 inches (15 cm to 20 cm), and huge specimens also reach 10 inches (about 25 cm). The base circumference can be up to 6 inches (15 cm).

Mountain goats live exclusively in cold, snowy high mountains and glacier margins. They are very skilled climbers. Older bucks are usually loners, the goats live with young ones in small packs.

They posess extremely good eyesight and sense movements even over long distances. 

Hunting / Season

The best time in the Chilcotin Mountains is from September to the end of October.

Since snow goats are active during the day, the whole day of hunting is at your disposal. The stalk begins right at dawn. On promising sites, the terrain is spotted with the scopes. When finally a bullish goat is identified, the exciting part begins. By taking advantage of any cover is approximated. In the high mountains this can be exhausting and sweaty. When you're finally in good shape, set up to make a sure shot. Set yourself on shot distances of about 200 m.


For hunting in the Chilcotin Mountains you should definitely take windproof, waterproof and warm clothing. Furthermore, you need well-worn, ankle-stabilizing footwear with a grippy sole.


Choose a rugged, high-performance caliber (6.5 x 68, 8x 68 S, or .300 group caliber). Since the shooting distances in the mountain hunting are often further, the target optics must have a good magnification. Proven useful have variable riflescopes with 42er objective diameter. It is recommended to additionally mount a bipod to the weapon to ensure more stability for the shot. In addition, you should still carry the lightest possible binoculars with at least 10x magnification, a spotting scope and a rangefinder.



On the day of arrival, you will stay in a hotel in Vancouver. The next morning you will be picked up by employees of our partner and driven by car directly into the main camp. While the main camp is still quite comfortable, the spike camps (outdoor camps) are very spartan. These are simple tent camps which are dismantled directly after the hunt.


The food is plentiful, tasty and good. There are e.g. Barbecue ribs, chicken in different variations, lasagna and much more. All meals are not canned, but freshly prepared in the main camp. The spike camps serve simpler finished meals. 

Prices and fees

 Offer mountain goat hunting in Canada $ 14,000

• One mountain goat

• 9-10 travel days

• Accommodation and food in the camp

• 7 hunting days

• Hunting guide 1: 1 and organization

• All transports in the hunting area

• Trophy preparation


Not included in the offer:

• Canadian hunting license 180, - US $

• Nature Conservation Fee 200, - US $

• License mountain goat (day) 350, - US $

• Royalty fairy mountain goat 150, - US $

• Transfer Vancouver Hunting Area h / z 400, - US $

• COD Trophy Shipment 150 US $

• WSTF fee 200, - US $

• Canadian VAT (2.5% on hunting costs, 5% on licenses)

• Own arrivals and departures, trophy shipping, personal expenses, pre and post hunt nights, gratuities (10% are common in Canada)

• Canadian arms imports about 25, - US $

• Booking fee 300, - US $


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.