Duck shooting France


Sabournac is located in the south of France near Toulouse and is one of the best french private grounds for duck hunting. For 25 years driven shootings have been organised here according to the traditional British model. Here you can experience a very exclusive and highly professionally organised hunt that leaves nothing to be desired. Even experienced shooters will be surprised by the quality.


Informations about mallards (Anas platyrhynchos)

The mallard is a very widespread species of dabbling ducks in Eurasia and the primeval form of the domestic ducks. They can reach wing spans of up to 95 cm and a body length of up to 58 cm. Except on approximately two months (July/August), the drakes wear their distinctive splendid dress. The glossy green head with the white neck ring and the yellow beak makes them unmistakable.

During the moult, the drake wears a brown-gray speckled plumage with metallic blue speculum and looks very similar to the duck. Only the dark beak of the females and the yellow beak of the drake helps with the distinction. Mallards are extremely adaptable and occur almost everywhere, where there are waters. They can even be found in densely populated cities. They have very different migratory patterns in different regions. While the ducks in the northern areas move to warmer regions in winter, the ducks in the southern areas are territory-loyal. The distances of the migration can vary greatly.

Mallards fly fast and straight and they can rise almost vertically.

Hunting method/hunting season

After breakfast 2-3 drives are carried out and then a short lunch break is taken. In the afternoon  will follow 2-3 more drives and afterwards an aperitif and lunch in the hunting lodge. The hunting season starts on September 1st and ends on January 31st. Since the climate here is mild, there is no special time to recommend. The chances are always good.


For this hunt you do not need any special equipment. Sabournac maintains an intensive partnership with Browning, so you can be provided with good shotguns free of charge. Only the ammunition has to be paid. Of course, you can also take your own shotgun with you. Here we recommend caliber 12/70 with a shotsize from 2.7 mm. Since the ducks fly quite high, you should only use shotguns with a tight choke. In this hunt, unleaded shot is not allowed.


During your stay you can live in the very exclusive Hotel Cap de Castel or in the slightly cheaper but still very nice Hotel La Bombardiere. Both have a high standard and you will certainly not miss any comfort.

Prices and fees

Offer duck shooting in France         295,- € per hunter and day

25 ducks per shooter  (minimum attendance  8 guns)            500,-€ per hunter

50 ducks per shooter  (minimum attendance  4 guns)         1.000,-€ per hunter

75 ducks per shooter  (minimum attendance  3 guns)         1.400,-€ per huntter

100 ducks per shooter  (minimum attendance  2 guns)       2.000,-€ per hunter

• Extra duck 21,- € each



• 1 hunting day

• Dogs and beaters

• Organisation of duck hunt

• Catering on the hunting ground

• 4 to 6 drives per day


Not included:

• Own arrival and departure

• French hunting license 85.- €

• Booking fee 195.- € per shooter

• Tips and personal expenses

• Accommodation and meals

• Shuttle airport to hotel  200,- € per person

• Loader  80,- €


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.