Roebuck in Hampshire


Southern England is now known as a good address for strong roebucks and is on a par with Eastern Hungary or Sweden in terms of trophy quality. Hampshire has emerged as a top area for roebuck hunting in recent years. The many lush meadows, fields and groves are an ideal biotope for roebucks to grow to their remarkable quality. Meanwhile the Englishmen, who are actually enthusiastic about wing shooting, know about the quality of their roe deer and are therefore very anxious about the preserve. For the passionate deer hunter this hunt is certainly a highlight and many have been able to shoot their buck of a life time.




Informations about European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus capreolus)

European roe deer is the most widespread and most common hoofed game in Europe. Depending on the region, weights of up to 30 kg can be achieved. It is a very territory-loyal forest and field inhabitant. In summer, the bucks mostly stand alone, the does stand together with fawns. In the winter time roe deer join together in small herds.

The bucks occupy their territories in March/April and defended them against competitors until the end of the rut in August. Roe deer is primarily active in the early morning and evening hours. The sense of smell is pronounced, the eyes are not the best but roe deer can notice faster motions.

English roebucks are characterized mainly by the capital trophies. In exceptional cases, antler weights above 600 g can be reached and weights over 500 g are not uncommon.

Hunting method/hunting season

Roebucks may be hunted in England from the 1st of April. As every year, we have been able to save some of the coveted dates for our customers. Due to the very good populations in England, the chances in these periods are always good.

Here you hunt stalking with a 1:1 guidance by local roe deer experts who are very familiar with the territory and the game. The hunt begins on the day of arrival with the first evening stalk and ends with the morning stalk on the day of departure.

On Sundays hunting is not permitted in England! 


In short, you need the same equipment for this hunt as for roe deer hunting in your local hunting grounds. All deer-suited calibres can be used, such as calibres from .243 Winchester up to. 30-06. Furthermore, you need well-worn footwear and weather- and windresistant, low-noise clothing. Good binoculars and, if necessary, a shooting stick complete the equipment.


During your stay you will live in a pub or hotel near the hunting ground. The standard of the accommodation is quite simple but alright. English cuisine has a little „special“ reputation, but none of our guests have died of starvation.

Prices and fees

Offer roebuck hunt in Hampshire        1.499,- GBP



• 3 hunting days (6 outings)

• 3 nights in a pub/hotel (half board)

• English hunting license

• All rides in the hunting area

• Guided tour 1:1

• Organisation trophy hunt


Not included:

• Trophy fees according price list (see brochure)

• Own arrival and departure

• Booking fee 195.- £

• Firearm Certificate 75,- £

• Shuttle airport to hunting ground, roundtrip  180,-£

• Trophy pre-preparation per roebuck 30,- £

• Cape, per roebuck 40,- £

• Tips, personal expenses


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.