Europe: England

When hunting in England, most people first think of the now forbidden traditional fox hunt. But the country has much more to offer with its long and large hunting tradition. Especially the south of the country has excelled in recent years. For example, the Gloucestershire, Devon, Somerset or Dorset areas to name just a few. The lowlands of southern England, characterized by soft hills and wide valleys, are an ideal habitat for roe deer, but also good stocks of Chinese waterworms and muntjaks can be found here.



Informations England


With a total area of 242,432 km², England has almost 60 million inhabitants. The country is bordered to the north by Scotland, to the west by Wales and the Irish Sea, to the south and east, separated by the English Channel and the North Sea, to mainland Europe. The most important city is the capital London in the south of the country. It is also one of the most important cultural, financial and commercial centers in the world. The highest mountain is the Scafell Pike with 978 m.


The north of the country is characterized by vast mountainous areas and moorland areas. In the middle and in the south of the country, rolling hills and valleys stretch.

The climate is oceanic with frequent rainfall. Due to the Gulf Stream, mild winters and warmer summers prevail in the southwest.




Roebuck in Hampshire


Muntjac/Chinese Water Deer