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Poland is one of the leading hunting countries in Europe! Whether red deer in Pomerania or in western Poland, it will always be a hunting experience that you will never forget! Because of the combination of hospitality, good game populations, strong trophies, professional hunters and good food, many of our guests travel to Poland every year for the red deer rut.

One of the best state hunting grounds is Obf. Trzciel only 100 Kilometres behind the German border.  We are all the more pleased that K&K Premium Jagd can offer hunting as exclusive partner of this top spot.

This unique hunting ground allows approx. 60 red deer of class I to be shot annually. It can be hunted specifically for red deer with over 8 kg. Stags with 10 kg can be taken every year. 


Informations about red deer (Cervus elaphus)

The red deer is a widespread species of the real deer. The main distribution areas spread over much of Europe, and it has also been successfully reintroduced in some areas of South and North America, as well as in New Zealand. Due to the high adaptability of this species, red deer can be found in many different habitats. In wooded highlands and high mountains, the almost treeless landscape of Scotland, the humid floodplains of southeastern Europe or the hot and dry plains of Spain, there are good populations.

Red deer can reach weights of up to 350 kg, depending on the habitat and the range offered, with a shoulder height of up to 150 cm.

The adult hinds form herds with their offspring. Younger stags also form smaller herds, whereas the older stags roam alone or with a smaller stag most of the time. During the rutting, the strongest deer keep a herd of females. The distinctive roaring of the deer is then heard far and an impressive natural spectacle.

The trophy is very different in branching variety and strength depending on habitat.

Red deer hears, sees and smells extremely well.

In Poland we hunt the Central European red deer (Cervus elaphus hippelophus). In the good areas, you can get trophies of about 10 kg. The average in Pomerania is between 5 and 8 kg, whereas in Mazury deer of 7 to 9 kg can be expected. Trophies of 10 kg are not common, but are shot every year in some of our hunting districts!

Hunting method/hunting season

In Poland, the rut starts early in September in the west, while in the low mountain ranges it even extends into October. During this time you have the best chances and of course it is also this impressive natural spectacle that inspires most hunters. Therefore you should let us know your wishes, so that we can reserve your preferred hunting district for you at the right time.

Under the guidance of experienced professional hunters you can hunt from a high seat or stalking.


The equipment does not have any special requirements for this hunt. The clothes should be adapted to the late summer, it is best to bring a set of a little warmer and a set of lighter clothing with you. It can be warm as summer or cool as autumn. In addition, you should of course take good binoculars with 8x or higher magnification, to be able to spot the deer correctly. For the calibers you can use all common sizes from 7 mm and higher.


During your stay you will live in an exclusive hunting lodge in the middle of the hunting district. You will certainly feel comfortable there. The accommodation leaves nothing to be desired. The food is rich and good and the Polish cuisine enjoys a very good reputation.

Both, single and double rooms are available and all rooms have private bathrooms with shower and toilet.

It starts with a nice breakfast after the morning stalk, then comes a warm lunch and also the dinner is mostly opulent. Many hunters therefore usually bring back a few more pounds on their hips than they would like. But that's part of hunting!

Prices and fees

Offer red deer hunt in Poland:    1.490,- €



• 6 travelling days

• 5 nights in a double room 

• 4 hunting days

• Polish hunting insurance

• Polish hunting license

• Full board (without drinks)

• Organization trophy hunt

• Interpreting services

• Trophy pre-preparation

• Guided tour 1:1 


Not included:

• Trophy fees according price list (see brochure)

• Booking fee 195.- €

• Own arrival and departure

• Single room supplement 30,- € per night and person

• Mileage allowance

• Tips, personal expenses


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.