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Poland is the hunting land number one for the German hunters! Every year, twelve to fifteen thousand Germans travel to Poland to hunt. Due to its proximity to Germany, its hunting traditions and very good game stocks, it offers the hunter almost unlimited opportunities. Hunt with us in Pomerania, Western Poland, the Masuria or in the Heuscheuergebirge and be inspired by the hunting land Poland. It is no coincidence that around 70% of our customers return to the same areas every year and experience hunting at its best!



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Poland is a parliamentary republic in Central Europe with the capital Warsaw. 312,679 km² covers the area of Poland. It is the sixth-largest country in the European Union and around 38.5 million inhabitants live in this German neighbor.


Mainly oceanic climate prevails in the north and west, continental climate in the south and east.

Poland can be divided into several geographical parts: coastal area (Szczecin Lagoon), the back (south-eastern part of Poland, characterized by ground and end moraines), the lowlands (Warsaw Basin), the Highlands (Lesser Poland and Lublin Highlands) and the foothills (Silesian Lowland and basin landscape of the pre-Carpathians). In the south are the low mountain ranges: the Holy Cross Mountains, the Beskydy Mountains, the Carpathian Mountains and the Sudetes. The High Tatras is the highest peak and is a versatile high mountain range.



Mouflon ram Poland


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Roe buck Kozuchow Poland

from 28.07.2022

Red deer Poland Kozuchow

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