Roebuck Romania



As in old hunting books you can still imagine hunting in Romania today:
Neverending forests, nearly deserted mountain ranges, alpine meadows and endless spaces!

If hunters talk about Romania, usually the word Carpathian red stag comes into play. But Romania not only has the capital Carpathian stags to offer!

Also very strong chamois, brown bears, boars and above all roebuck can be hunted in Romania. The most strong trophies can be found in the foothills of the Western Carpathians on the Hungarian border.
For years we have been hunting strong roe bucks very successfully with our partner in different areas. Territory sizes of up to 50.000 hectares are not uncommon. The roe deer is offered an optimal habitat, which is characterized by large fields, many hedgerows and small forest areas. Here the bucks still can get old and mature. The goal of the long-standing game preserve is reflected every year not only in the quantity, but rather in the quality of the harvested roe bucks. The professional hunters are keeping a record of every single roe buck over the years! So you can be effectively guided on your huge roebuck! Antler weights over 500 g are not uncommon and so every year roebucks with incredible 650 g get bagged!

The best for the roe buck hunt is right at the beginning of the hunting season on May 15th, because the vegetation still is quite low. During the rut (roughly between July 20th and August 10th), the odds are best to shoot an old, mature and strong roe buck.

Travel with us to Romania and experience a fascinating country, get to know hospitable people and an excellent hunt!

Informations about European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)

European roe deer is the most widespread and most common hoofed game in Europe. Depending on the region, weights of up to 30 kg can be achieved. It is a very territory-loyal forest and field inhabitant. In summer, the bucks mostly stand alone, the does stand together with fawns. In the winter time roe deer join together in small herds. The bucks occupy their territories in March/April and defended them against competitors until the end of the rut in August. Roe deer is primarily active in the early morning and evening hours. The sense of smell is pronounced, the eyes are not the best but roe deer can notice faster motions.

Romanian roebucks are characterized mainly by their huge trophies. In exceptional cases, antler weights above 600 g can be reached and weights over 500 g are not uncommon.

Hunting method/hunting season

Mostly you hunt stalking, this is also the most promising way. Hunting from a raised hide is also possible, but it is done only in exceptional cases.

Best time is right after opening of the hunting season in mid-May to early June. After that, the vegetation has grown so high that promising hunts can hardly be possible.. 


The equipment does not have any special requirements for this hunt. The clothes should be adapted to the season, it is best to bring a set of a little warmer and a set of lighter clothing with you. In May, it can be very cold in the morning. During the rut, there are some daytime temperatures of about 40 degrees.

In addition, you should take good binoculars with you (8x or higher magnification) in order to spot the bucks well. regarding the calibers you can use all common sizes from 6.5 mm, but we recommend to use high-performance calibers, that let you shoot at distances of 200 or 250m too. In the large fields, it is often not easy to get within a 100m distance to an old and mature buck. A bipod for the stalking is also recommended.


During your stay, you will live in well-developed lodges in the hunting area. The sanitary facilities have a good standard and the food is of good quality. 

Prices and fees

Roebuck hunting offer in Romania:      from 1.199, - €



• 5 travelling days

• 4 nights in a double room with full board (without drinks)

• 3 full hunting days

• All rides in the area

• Guided tour and hunting organization

• Trophy cleaning and preparation

• Trophy rating


Not included:

• Trophy fees (see brochure)

• Flight

• Trophy transport

• Booking fee 195.- €

• Pick up at Timisoara airport 350.- €

• Tips and personal expenses


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.