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Hardly any other country in Europe is burdened with so many myths and legends as Romania, especially the mysterious Carpathians. Anyone who has ever seen this impressive mountain landscape with its mist-covered primeval forests will understand why the magic of the Carpathians has already captivated so many hunters and has not let go of them again. Bears, wolves, lynxes and strong deer do their tracks there and in the Southern Carpathians there are capital chamois.


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Romania has a total area of 238,391 km² and about 20 million inhabitants. The country is bordered to the north by Ukraine, to the west by Hungary and Serbia, to the south by Bulgaria and to the east by Moldova and the Black Sea. Capital and economic metropolis is Bucharest in the south of the country.


The inland is dominated by the Carpathians with the Moldoveanu (2,544 m) as the highest mountain. To the west, the Apuseni Mountains separates the country from the Hungarian lowlands. In the south there is the lowland of the Danube. The mountainous regions are heavily forested and, depending on the altitude, are characterized by beech, oak, mixed and coniferous forests.

In Romania there is a temperate continental climate, however, due to the high altitudes can occur larger temperature fluctuations. On the Black Sea coast in the east there is a Mediterranean climate.






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Fallow deer in Romania
Roebuck Romania


Red stag Romania

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