Retezat and Fogarash are still the best hunting grounds in the world for very strong chamois. The Southern Carpathians are therefore the first choice if you are looking for a special trophy. Although the mountains are only about 2,500 m high, but it is very rugged and thus a challenge. However, those who accept this effort will get more than compensated by hunting in a beautiful and untouched landscape and with a little luck by an extraordinary trophy.


Informations about chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)

The chamois is a species of wild goats native to Europe and Asia Minor. Weights up to 40 kg and shoulder heights of up to 85 cm can be reached. Characteristic of both sexes are the horns and the pale yellow to yellow-gray skin with black dorsal stripe in summer, and the dark grey to black skin in winter. In the winter the bucks form up to 25 cm long back hairs with a bright tip, that is the so-called "Gamsbart".

The main ranges are in the Alps, but also other European mountain ranges from Spain to Bulgaria. Also New Zealand has good populations. The chamois lives depending on subspecies and region in altitudes from 700 m to over 3,000 m..

The does live with the fawns in small herds of about 15 to 30 pieces. In case of danger they give a whistling warning sound. Bucks are rather solitary most of the time. During the rut (mid-November to mid-December), they move to the does..

Chamois are excellent climbers and have outstanding abilities to see, hear and smell.

In Romania we hunt the Carpathian chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra carpatica). They are among the strongest in the world regarding trophy and body. The horns reach an average of about 110-120 CIC. Since 1937 Romania holds the world record with 141.1 CIC.

Hunting season/hunting method

The best time surely is in October. Due to the weather conditions it is not always possible to hunt this region later in the year without excessive effort.

Hunting is primarily on the stalk. During the day, the promising slopes will be observed. When the chamois appear the harder part begins. Now it is necessary to make the ascent carefully to surpass the height of the chamois or at least reach the same height. If then there is a suitable chamois, it is important to get a good shot. As with all mountain hunts, the shooting distances are slightly higher than usual.


The clothes should be adapted to the season. It is best to bring a set of a little warmer and a set of lighter clothing with you. Windproof and breathable clothing and well-worn, the ankle-stabilizing footwear are generally recommended in mountain hunts.

When hunting in the mountains you shoot more often at long distances than usual and therefore you should definitely have a variable target optics with appropriate magnification. Likewise, powerful binoculars (at least 10x magnification), a spotting scope and a rangefinder are very helpful.

For the chamois hunting you can use all common calibers from 6.5 mm.


In these solitary areas you will not find any deluxe hotels, so during your stay you will live in hunting lodges in the hunting district. They are usually rustically furnished, but you will find everything you need.

Prices and fees

Offer chamois hunting in Romania:        1.495, - €



• 7 travelling days

• 6 nights in a double room with full board

• 5 hunting days

• 1:1 guided tour and hunting organization

• Romanian hunting license

• Trophy cleaning and pre-preparation

• All rides in the hunting area


Not included:

• Trophy fees according to price list (see brochure)

• Trophy  prepayment 1.250, - € (in case of non-success it will be refunded in full or will be set off against the final trophy fee)

• Own arrival and departure

• Booking fee 195, - €

• Taxidermy


To be paid directly on site:

• governmental booking fee 100, - €

• Interpreter per day 75, - €

• Mileage allowance per km 0.75 €

• Tips and personal expenses

• Pick up at the airport Bucharest 50, - €


Price and program changes reserved. The terms and conditions of K & K Premium Jagd GmbH apply.
We recommend to book a travel insurance covering cancellation of the journey too.